Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mosley & Mayorga vs Don King Court Case Quotes & Floyd's Live Sparring Session

This Week In Boxing - A Freak Show of A Court Hearing & Floyd being himself. 

In case you missed it Don King went up against Shane Mosley in court this week, in Florida. This was nothing short of a freak show. The following happened below.

Don King attempted to block saturday nights rematch between Mosley and Mayorga, Kings reasoning was he had Mayorga under contract.

Mayorga denied he was under contract with King. Mayorga Despite being of limited financial means argued he brought his new wife all the way from Nicaragua to Florida, to take a picture with Don King. This was also after they had a huge falling out. It get’s bette,r Mayorga supposedly never signed a contract while he caught a long flight just to get his new wife to take a picture with Don. However Mayorga did sign a taxi fare which King paid for. Mayorga denied this. The judge ruled Mayorga had no credibility to his story. So Mayorga is essentially a Don King fighter. However due to public demand, the potential for Mayorga to earn solid money and the fact that King had absolutely nothing lined up for Mayorga, the injunction failed. It was a freak show on all parts. King may need to be financially reimbursed, this will be negotiated after the bout. 

The freak show doesn't stop there! Mosley told the judge he expects the bout to sell 1.2 to1.4 million pay per views. Don’t get me wrong this fight has been a huge success in the way Mosley has promoted this. Mosley has done things that PR companies hired to promote fights have failed to do, such as random bus stop tickets, this has generated attention. I expect the buy rate will shock boxing experts like Dan Rafael who predicted under 40 000 buys and I expect this to do well over 50 000 buys. A major success for both fighters.

This isn’t all that happened with Mosley during the week. He has made claims and sought legal action to prove his ex wife was actually married to someone else at the same time she was married to him. Hopefully Shane has some great evidence, otherwise a suit could be coming his way from Jin in reply. I don't like to post private info about a fighter, but Mosley is making this public knowledge with his intense social media posts. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr is totally unique and he showed this again by broadcasting his sparring sessions in the lead up for the Berto bout. Floyd essentially has one of the most under rated chins in the game, so why not show the public some sparring footage? Floyd had no slip up’s at all, his sparring partner who was undefeated copped a huge beat down. This was broadcast live on the Showtime Sports youtube channel. This was cool!

Roy Jones Jr's bout with Danny Santiago has been postponed due to poor weather. A cyclone is expected in the Carribean. The fight was scheduled to be fought at a holiday resort in Philipsburg, which has a population of 1400. The country the city is located in has a population of 39 000 and is more of a tourist based economy. So it's a big hit for the country to have this bout postponed. 

Fonfara vs Cleverly has been confirmed for the 16th of October. This fight will be headlining a PBC card in Chicago. This is a Fantastic fight, Fonfara will be the heavy favorite but Cleverly has a lot to prove. Cleverly shouldn't be under estimated, his only slip up is against Kovalev. Who has virtually destroyed everyone in his path since, even Pascal. 

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