Saturday, 1 August 2015

Jacobs beats Mora by TKO in Round 2. Mora breaks his ankle or Knee

Jacobs beats Mora by TKO in round 2. After Mora breaks ankle or knee.

The first round in this bout was a contender for round of the year. Jacobs dropped Mora badly and then he got reckless and Mora dropped Jacobs at the end of the round with a nice left hook. There was some serious intensity and work rate in this bout which many fans didn't expect. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the early action. In round 2 Jacobs dropped Mora with a hard right hand. As Mora's body was falling to the canvas, his ankle or knee gave way and Mora said a large break could be heard. Mora got up and tried to walk but he could barely put any weight on one side and he had to retire. 

Danny Jacob’s who is the World WBA Middleweight champion, is actually an interim champion with GGG holding the full WBA Middleweight belt. Despite being the interim champion he said 'I'm the champ and I call the shots', Jacobs also said he's not giving 'Mora' a rematch, which was quite poor. 

Both Jacobs and Mora looked good while it lasted. If Jacobs gets a few spare months next year in his schedule, I can't see why he shouldn't give Mora a rematch. Mora did drop him heavily in the first round. 

Hopefully Mora heals up quickly. Just wish this fight lasted longer as both turned up to fight and it could have turned into a classic. 

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