Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Danny Green vs Roberto Bolonti : Late Opponent Change News

Danny Green vs Roberto Bolonti 

Danny Green fights Roberto Bolonti in Melbourne next Wednesday night. The bout serves as a comeback for the former Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight titlist. Green was originally scheduled to fight Kovac's however he pulled out yesterday and the late replacement is Roberto Bolonti. For late notice, the opponent isn't to bad. Bolonti is probably better than Kovac, which shows how weak the original match up was. 

What To Expect?

The bout is nothing more than an easy comeback bout for Green. Another chance to put $500K or so in the bank, due to the Australian PPV system. The Australian PPV system charges viewers $50-$60 a bout and Danny Green is a big name in Australia, he built his name off the back of rival Anthony Mundine, who easily out pointed Green close to a decade ago. 

This shouldn't last more than a couple of rounds. Bolonti is probably lucky to be rated in the top 200 of his division and Green's power will be way to much for the Argentinian.

Talks of a Mundine rematch are way off the mark with Mundine's management confirming a rematch will simply not happen. Mundine is focusing on pursuing his dream of winning a title at JMW and breaking into the US market which would be the last cross to check on his career. 

So expect Danny Green to talk up the credibility of his late substitute opponent right up until the fight occurs. Then expect an absolute one sided demolition which will last around 6 minutes. If you are wondering if Bolonti will come to fight? I have my doubts, just check out what happened in the 2nd round of his bout with action fighter Jean Pascal. 

Probably best to watch the highlights of this one on youtube the next morning. Where Green goes from beating Bolonti is a mystery? No Mundine rematch. He will seemingly have to bite the bullet and go for a recognized title at Cruiserweight. 

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