Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Danny Green Beats Bolonti By Decision. In a Sub-Standard Bout.

After two years off, Danny Green made a comeback in Melbourne tonight against Argentinian Roberto Bolonti. Green was originally scheduled to fight Tomas Kovacs, however Kovac withdrew due to injury. Kovac was such an outmatched opponent, that his late replacement in Bolonti, was actually a more accomplished fighter than himself.

Bolonti vs Green offered little from the start to finish. Both fighters landed a few big punches at various stages of the fight, but no fighter was seriously hurt. Green started well, however Bolonti simply wasn’t in the fight, he looked like he was trying to survive for most of the rounds. I did give Bolonti two rounds early on and he was close in a 3rd round, but it was because both fighters weren't landing anything significant. 

Round 8 was Green’s best round, landing a nice right, but in the last two rounds the action was slow and the fight pace went back to nothing happening again. The crowd began booing in the final round. But what did they expect? They just paid good money to see a 42 year old veteran who was out of the ring for 33 months fight a fringe top 100 Light Heavyweight, in an unnatural cruiserweight bout. Bolonti will go home happy with his pay cheque, which was bumped up to a nice figure since he was taking the fight on short notice.

So what’s next for Green? Well there really isn’t anything on the table at all. Due to the Australian PPV model Green is still a big draw financially compared to other well known cruiserweights (not with Haymon). Maybe Marco Huck could be a target after the former champ was upset last week against Glowacki. But Green has been down this route before and he was brutally KO’d both times he tried to bring legitimate cruiserweights down under. 

Danny is trying to persuade Anthony Mundine into a rematch for early to mid next year. Only problem is there is 16 kg’s of weight between them. The fight simply can’t happen within a 1 year time frame due to the weight difference. Also worth noting Mundine seems intent on trying to crack the lucrative US market which will be the final step in his outstanding career. But in saying that Green looked quite bad tonight and Mundine must be thinking, that would be another easy $5m. Money is always hard to turn down when figures like that are on the table. And while it's unlikely the rematch happens, that's all Danny Green really has left on the table at the moment. 

So Danny did what he usually does, relied on his jab and straight right and he outsmarted as expected a smaller and well outmatched opponent. The media talked this fight up, when it was always a mismatch. 

The only thing they got right on the night was Australia's best commentator and host Ben Damon had a big part in the evening. And from a production point of view the show went well. From an entertainment point of view, it was dull, as genuine boxing fans knew it would be. 

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