Saturday, 1 August 2015

Danny Garcia Beats Malignaggi. The Magic Man Retires in Front of Home Town Brooklyn Crowd

Garcia beats Malignaggi. Malignaggi likely retired. 

Danny Garcia comprehensively beat ‘Magic Man’ Paul Malignaggi tonight in Brookyn. The fight didn’t live up to expectations with Garcia setting the pace early in the bout and despite the 4th and 5th rounds being good for Paul, Garcia won in one sided fashion. Garcia seemed to strong and his work rate was simply to much for the veteran 34 year old Malignaggi, who is a two weight, two time world champion.

As we expected Malignaggi had no quit in him, consistent throughout his entire career. Who can forget how he fought 12 rounds against Cotto with a broken orbital bone, hurting Cotto twice and losing a contested decision. Tonight due to Malignaggi's courage, the ref had to eventually jump in and stop the fight. Malignaggi came out to an insane entrance with the Rocky theme playing loudly throughout the arena and he had the home crowd support. Garcia came out to another awesome entrance with a mask on which looked similar to a B-Hop introduction with the executioner mask. Garcia looked good and Paulie looked good with his slick defense and movement. However Paulie simply wasn’t able to let his hands go which definitely had something to do with his age. Malignaggi confused Garcia for large portions of the bout with movement that Garcia had rarely seen before. However Garcia's high work rate ensured he consistently landed and he wore Malignaggi down, round by round. 

After the bout Malignaggi announced his retirement in front of his home town fans. It wasn’t a 100% confirmation of retirement, but he did say he probably won’t fight again. If he does decide to fight again, I hope he takes the Roy Jones Jr route and takes on the club fighter circuit as Malignaggi is still a huge draw and he could be in some fun fights. Malignaggi should be remembered as a gifted boxer, who had a tonne of courage and he was very intelligent in the ring. One of the most under rated fighters of this era. He confused a lot of elite opponents and often out out thought his way to wins. If his hands had help up earlier in his career, he could have been a devastating force, as constant operations essentially reduced his punching power.

Congratulations to Danny Garcia, it would be great to see him take on Thurman or Broner next. And enjoy retirement Paulie, you've had a fantastic career and it has been great to watch you fight over the years.

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