Thursday, 13 August 2015

Whats Up With Cotto vs Canelo Negotiations?

Cotto vs Canelo : NY or the Highway

Well despite the boxing media, (myself included) reporting what we have been hearing that the fight was virtually done months ago, it’s far from correct. I will give you a quick breakdown of everything that has supposedly been agreed to.

The agreement months ago revolved around networks and the purse splits for revenue, gates and everything like that. Now I don’t want to be quoted in any of this, because I’m not giving up my sources. The same way I announced GGG vs Lemeiux 8 hours before it was officially announced ;).

Anyhow the agreements Cotto and Canelo originally covered didn’t cover aspects of the deal such as specific venues. It was just setting the purse splits in terms of country revenue and gate earnings etc etc. It was the bare essentials to making this kind of fight happen. Now a lot of the media in the boxing world, myself included jumped the gun and rushed to report that the fight was done.

Now let me remind you of one other major aspect of the deal. ‘Miguel Cotto’s ego’. Now Cotto has saved every cent he has earnt in his career and his net worth is probably $100m, could be more, who knows? But his attitude seems to be at the moment this. Either Miguel Cotto gets the fight at MSG or Miguel Cotto walks. It was never going to be easy to make a fight with Cotto, he has been in the game longer than Canelo and I assume he see’s that as a reason why certain things should go his way. An ominous warning to how out of control his ego was becoming, could be seen over the past couple of years, when he started talking about himself in third person. It’s the kind of actions that turns kids away from supporting boxing.

Anyhow, so the fight is close to done. But from recent reports it’s closer to collapsing completely. Cotto wants New York or he walks. Golden Boy and Canelo I’m sure will try explain how lucrative Vegas is In terms of gambling revenue. But realistically when it comes to Cotto over the last three years, once he says something, he does it. His ego is that big, that negotiations must be torture at the moment. Keep in mind Canelo has quite an ego to, but the deal breaker seems to be Cotto wanting to stage the bout in NY where there is no gambling revenue and both fighters will probably miss out on an extra few million $. Now for Cotto he doesn’t care, what’s $1 or $3 million to his overall net worth?

It’s New York or no fight so it seems. And no one knows how it’s going to go at the moment. Reports are an emergency negotiation meeting is being planned. Hopefully for the sake of boxing this fight goes through.

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