Thursday, 20 August 2015

Boxing Notes For Mid August, 2015. Roy Jones, Mosley vs Mayorga Off, GGG sells big.

Boxing Notes For Mid August 2015.

In case you missed it, Roy Jones Jr has applied for Russian citizenship. He actually had a meeting with President Putin earlier today. That is some pretty impressive power, since Putin is a very hard man to meet, with all the global political issues going on lately. In all seriousness Roy enjoys his time in Russia and he still has that celebrity status which he had in the late 90’s in the USA. Roy is also close with some powerful promoters who are very wealthy and he gets well looked after just attending shows. Evander Holyfield is another fighter who I heard got a very solid pay cheque to just attend a fight in Russia. Keep in mind a quote from Kathy Duva this week also when she was in Russia with Kovalev "I met people that could buy and sell Haymon 15 times". Expect Roy to potentially reside in Russia in the near future, his potential to earn there is far greater than it is in the US. Will be interesting to see if he commentates any HBO cards in the near future, considering he has applied for Russian citizenship and HBO is a widely American company. 

Still on Roy and of great concern is the news that he was sitting ring side at the Huck vs Glowacki bout, two night before his own club level fight. Roy was there because he was serious about fighting champion Marco Huck for the WBO Cruiserweight belt. Glowacki’s upset win will hopefully stall those plans. In terms of Roy fighting on, I have no problem with this. Retirement can be just as dangerous for fighters, as to much spare time can lead to bad decisions. But Roy needs to continue fighting opponents at club level. If Roy was to fight either Huck or Glowacki this would likely lead to permanent damage. One more Lebedev style KO could see Roy in serious trouble health wise.

Shane Mosley is currently flying to Florida to attend a court case between Don King and Mayorga. Don King is essentially blocking Mayorga from participating in the bout with Mosley, due to King stating he has Mayorga under contract. The court looks like it’s going to rule in for King, making the injunction valid. King performed a similar fight pause when Mayorga previously attempted to fight in an MMA bout. Essentially Mayorga is the guy to blame here and I feel sorry for Shane because he has put a lot of money into this fight and he has promoted this bout effortlessly on social media, but he will end up fighting a tune up opponent and he will lose a lot of money since it’s on PPV already. These problems should have been negotiated before the bout was scheduled, since everyone in the boxing world knew Mayorga was still signed to King. 

This isn’t a joke. Fresh off a tune up fight against Eric Molina, Deontay Wilder will be fighting Johann Duhaupas of France in Birmingham, Alabama, on the 26th of October on NBC. It’s a horrible fight. But it’s not to far away and Wilder is fighting every few months at the moment.

If you’re wondering how big GGG is in boxing. His bout with Lemeiux has sold 15 000 tickets already. It’s important to note though that a lot of fans are making the trip from Canada, as Lemeiux is popular there. With a stacked undercard this PPV looks worth the money, even if you don’t have the money!

Expect rising Italian-American boxing personality Peter Cards to make his commentating debut on an Australian card in the near future. With the lack of commentating talent around the world Peter Cards, potentially assisted by Paul Malignaggi could team up with leading Australian commentator Ben Damon for a future Mundine bout. Cards and Malignaggi have a fast growing boxing podcast ‘From Brooklyn To The World’. Considering what’s on offer in the American commentating ranks at the moment, these three could easily work some huge American cards together, which Malignaggi is solely doing at the moment.

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