Friday, 21 August 2015

Boxing Kingdom Interviews Rising Australian Super Middleweight Blake Caparello

Hi Blake,

Thanks for taking the time to interview with Boxing Kingdom.

BC: Glad to answer questions for my fans and Boxing Kingdom readers.

1) So what’s next for you? You are coming off a nice win against Affif Belghecham, anything planned yet?

BC: Nothing is planned at the moment, but my team are working hard on securing a good fight. I am currently the 5th rated WBO contender at Super Middleweight, so we aren’t far off a mandatory challenge.

2) We noticed you have been sparring with Adonis Stevenson? We know sparring stories stay in the gym, but how are you finding the sparring? 

BC: Yes, that’s correct I am currently in camp with Adonis. The sparring has been great. This is where you learn and become a better fighter, by sparring the champions like Adonis and other contenders. I’m constantly learning in camps like this, these camps help me to pick up new tricks and tools. Sparring guys like Adonis, you have to make sure you are on your game all the time and it brings the best out of me as a fighter.

3) Since you have fought Kovalev and sparred with Stevenson how does the power of these two champs compare?

BC: Both Kovalev and Stevenson have great power. Put it this way, you wouldn’t want to be hit by either. They both have their tricks on setting up their power shots and both only load up when they know you’re where they want you. They both have great distance and timing.

4) Are you permanently relocated in the US or just there for training? It’s good to get that quality sparring, I have often said some of our biggest stars weaknesses has been trouble finding quality foreign sparring partners.

BC: I haven’t permanently moved to the USA. My team are always looking for good camps which I can join for sparring, so we get top quality work to improve me as a fighter, as I only had 9 amateur fights, so this is where I gain my experience. I have been in with guys like Stevenson, Pascal, Fonfara, Beterbiev and Eleider Alvarez.

5) As most of our readers know you have some great wins on your resume, including a win over Alan Green and a UD win over Muriqi which was one sided and impressive, considering many great fighters have struggled with his style. What went wrong in the Kovalev fight and who are you targeting in the near future?

BC: In the Kovalev fight I made the mistake of sitting in front of him for a split second to long and he caught me. I suppose I got a bit to confident after dropping Kovalev in the first round and I knew what punch I was looking for, but he faked me up top and drove the straight right down to my body. After that we obviously made the move down to Super Middleweight and I am looking to get myself in line for a shot at WBO champ Arthur Abraham. But in saying that we would love to take on any of the champions or top contenders at Super Middleweight.

6) What’s your training like? Talk us through a normal day in your training camp. Are you big on weights? Or more Cardio and natural body weight exercises?

BC: It all depends on how close to a fight we are, we try to time everything right. In general me and my team are big on the boxing side of the game. We are always in the gym learning and improving my skills. I still do my strength and conditioning which is more plyometric based and obviously get other training in to but in general we are always working on skill.

7) Are you interested in potential bouts with Sakio Bika or Danny Green?

BC: I'm definitely interested in both of those fights. Sakio is coming back down to super middleweight, so who knows, in the future we might be able to get a fight happening. With Danny, well he’s not interested in fighting a young hungry fighter.

8) I have always felt as if your style would match up well with a fighter like Fonfara, would that fight interest you also?

BC: I have moved down to Super Middleweight but if the offer came we would definitely look at that fight. I have done a camp with Fonfara and we both got in some great work. I helped him prepare for his fight with Adonis.

About Blake:

Favorite Food: Nutella Pizza.
Favorite Drink: Dr Pepper
Favorite TV show: “I watch all tv shows but my favorite movie is ‘Bad Boys’.

Talk Boxing Kingdom through a normal day in your life?

BC: Away from boxing I love to relaxe and catch up with my friends. I get sports massages and I love to spend time resting on the couch and annoying my girl friend. (Blake Laughs).

Thankyou for taking the time to interview with Boxing Kingdom Blake.

BC: Not a problem, all the best to the site and all the readers.

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