Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekend Boxing Wrap : Mosley Destroys Mayorga again. Santa Cruz Outclasses Gutsy Mares

Weekend Boxing Wrap : Mosley vs Mayorga & Mares vs Santa Cruz

    Shane Mosley looked good, beating Mayorga through KO in the 6th round. Mosley came in 7 pounds heavier at 159.5 pounds, compared to his last bout over two years ago against Anthony Mundine. Despite many being critical of this fight. I thought it was highly entertaining while it lasted. Mosley landed some very heavy punches in the first two rounds. Mayorga came back and taunted Mosley in round three, allowing the American to land a freebie combo on the Nicaraguan's chin, with the crowd roaring. 
Mayorga had some success in the 5th round, buckling Mosley, but Mosley responded and closed the show with a fantastic rip to the body. The show was a success with Mosley and his business partner coming up with some innovative marketing techniques which received a great response from fans. Mosley looked better than I expected him to look. In saying that I don't think he could hang with the top 5 at Junior Middleweight but there are some fun fights which can be made. It’s also important to note Mayorga outweighed Mosley by 20 pounds on fight night. 
    Leo Santa Cruz proved he was the real deal tonight with a close decision win over Abner Mares. This fight was one of the best fights I have seen this year. The pace from start to finish was amazing. Both fighters had a high work rate, throwing consistently over 100 punches per round. Mares started well but Cruz was to strong in the championship rounds. This was easily the greatest fight on PBC so far and the atmosphere was amazing. An immediate rematch would be fantastic to see, with both of these warriors putting on a show in front of a rowdy crowd. The PBC commentary crew in a surprising twist was fantastic tonight. It was good to see Teddy Atlas avoid comparing movie stars to prize fighters during this show. 
Adrien Broner lashed out this week at Dan Rafael. Dan Rafael wrote a critical story about Broner fighting for the WBA full 140 pound title, which had a lot of credibility. In response Broner came up with a few childish calls, calling Rafael fat and mentioning he will never be doing another press release again. I understand Dan Rafael gets under a lot of fighters skin, but he's a shock writer and this is what he's paid to do by espn. The argument people can’t criticize or analyze fights without being an ex-boxer is crazy. 
The Cotto vs Canelo press tour is live. This fight is going to be epic. Only problem is, the fans are already frustrated with Cotto referring to himself in 3rd person. Canelo has been all class in the way he has conducted himself, showing maturity beyond his years.
A fake Error Spence Jr twitter account came up with some horrible tweets during the week which we unfortunately published and condemned.  From what we are hearing Errol Spence Jr is a cool and humble fighter. Troll's exist and unfortunately this one generated some negative attention for Errol Spence Jr.

    Alfredo Angulo defeated Munoz by 5th round TKO tonight. Angulo in all honesty looked horrible. Unfortunately the James Kirkland bout took a lot from Angulo and I can't see him recovering to be a contender again, even in the weaker Middleweight division. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

The WBA & WBC are now taking the back seat to the IBF & WBO

WBA : WBC : IBF & WBO Analysis

The WBA and the WBC have had a horrible run over the past five years, caused by internal decision making. Less than a decade ago these two boxing sanctioning bodies were probably the most respected in the sport. Earning considerable sums through sanctioning and having the respect of the wider boxing community. Well they still earn a tonne of money, they are in fact money making machines, but the respect of the boxing community for these sanctioning bodies is long gone and it won’t be coming back in the short term. The decline of the WBA and WBC has given rise to the IBF which is now recognized as the most prestigious sanctioning body in boxing. The WBO have also had a fantastic period, with the organization growing in respect and it’s image of legitimacy is there for all of it’s champions.

Here are a couple of examples of why the WBC and WBA can’t be taken seriously at the moment.

Take a look at the WBC. They have Floyd Mayweather Jr listed as the Super Welterweight champion of the world (154 Pounds). Only problem is Floyd’s last fight in that division was in September 2013, which was nearly 2 years ago. I got this reply when I asked the WBC about this “It was always clear and public WBC, Took actions to avoid obstacles and make sure MAYPAC happened”. That doesn’t really make sense at all considering Mayweather vs Pacquiao was fought at welterweight. Floyd keeping his WBC 154 Pound belt had no impact on the biggest fight in history happening.

Now for the WBA. Broner is getting a title shot at 140 after a horrible performance against Shawn Porter. Broner who I’m a big fan of talent wise, talked it up and delivered absolutely nothing. When he actually looked interested in the 12th round he dropped Porter with a check hook. Broner is fighting Allakhverdiev on the 3rd of October for the WBA full title at 140 pounds. So Broner has gone from a clear loss at welterweight to an instant title shot at 140 pounds? A fighter like Amir Imam has been skipped, despite having a ranking of 3 by the WBA. It just seems the rules are being made up, depending on the size of the sanctioning that can be earnt. This isn’t the only problem with the WBA at the moment, some divisions have 3 titles & champions.

The only people who are enjoying these rules which are being made up on the spot by the WBA and the WBC at the moment are the fighters who are winning interim titles and claiming to be world champs. Their teams like this from a financial perspective as it makes it easier to promote the fight. But if you’re a fan? Maybe a social boxing fan who is looking to pay more attention to the sport? What a turn off.

At the moment the IBF and the WBO are the most respected boxing sanctioning bodies. Partly due to the fact they don’t really sanction interim, or gold or blue or purple champions or whatever the WBA or WBC are doing are trying to legitimize at the moment. 

Enough money has been made. It’s time for the WBA and WBC to clean up their act. The only thing these interim titles and ridiculous decisions are doing, is transferring power to Al Haymon. If Haymon is victorious in his court cases against GBP and TR (several years away), the PBC lineal titles which could be implemented, will instantly be respected globally. 

If you think I'm being harsh, have a look at what the most popular boxing expert in the world (Dan Rafael of Espn) wrote in his chat today. 

Whats At Stake For Mosley & Mayorga If They Win?

Mosley vs Mayorga Preview

This might seem like a veterans fight, but it’s going to be action packed for the first few rounds. Mosley will come to fight and he looks good currently in training. Mayorga will be himself, a crude power puncher who relies more on physical strength to dictate advantages in ring generalship. Realistically Mayorga’s style is tailor made for Mosley but it will still be fun to watch. Im not sure how much Mosley has left which could increase Mayorga's chances. Mosley's last fight was against Mundine and the under rated Australian put a beat down on the future hall of famer, over 6 brutal rounds. 

Now If Mayorga wins, an interesting match up has already been talked proposed. Some may vomit, some may say it’s crazy, but Mayorga vs Chavez Jr at 168 is really in the works. A Mayorga win will catapult him into the Chavez Jr sweepstakes and a huge pay day, which he really needs at this stage of his life, according to court statements during the week. Chavez Jr is a prize fighter, he has Mexico behind him. Mayorga also speaks Spanish, so the fight will gather a lot of attention and it will be easy to sell. Don’t get me wrong it’s a total mismatch but I can see why Chavez Jr and Haymon are looking at this. From a monetary perspective there is a lot of $ to be earnt, for little risk once again. The bout would serve as a tune up fight, while Chavez Jr waits on the Badou Jack vs Groves winner. By the way I am picking Groves to win that in a stunning upset knockout, but it could turn out to be another great fight.

Now for Mosley. A win, which is likely on Saturday night, puts him back in the mix for some good fights. At this stage of his career Mosley isn’t about to sign with Haymon, so he’s seriously restricted there. Mosley will have two solid money options. One is a rematch with Anthony Mundine & the second is a grudge match with Gabe Rosado, who Mosley had beef with during a recent BKB fight card. The Mundine fight is quite easy to make. Mundine would just keep his income from his Australian PPV sales. Mosley would be able to keep a bulk of the American revenue and the fight would be on. Mundine is relevant at JMW, coming off a win against world rated Rabchenko.

The Gabe Rosado fight is another potential option, however the only drama would be around the weight. Mosley is reluctant to fight above JMW and Rosado struggles to get down to Middleweight. Rosado would also take a solid piece of the pie as his going rate is around the $200K mark at the moment. This would have to come out of the American purse, something Mundine’s purse wouldn’t. Rosado was outspoken when he recently fought Curtis Stevens who was trained by Shane Mosley. Rosado constantly called out Mosley and told the audience that Shane could get a beating after the Stevens bout, which was on BKB, in Vegas. Since then the two haven’t liked each other and Rosado was approached as a replacement for Mayorga, if Don King’s injunction had been successful, which it wasn’t.

So all in all, there is a lot on the line for both fighters. A win sets Mosley up for redemption against Mundine, or a grudge match with Gabe Rosado. A win for Mayorga, can totally change his fortunes and put him in line for a huge pay day in the Chavez Jr sweepstakes.

Don’t read to much into age, combined fights or punch stats for each. All you need to know is this won’t last long, but while it lasts, you will be constantly entertained. Anything can happen, maybe a riot? Maybe a brutal knock out? Or maybe a FOTY contender? Tune in..

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mosley & Mayorga vs Don King Court Case Quotes & Floyd's Live Sparring Session

This Week In Boxing - A Freak Show of A Court Hearing & Floyd being himself. 

In case you missed it Don King went up against Shane Mosley in court this week, in Florida. This was nothing short of a freak show. The following happened below.

Don King attempted to block saturday nights rematch between Mosley and Mayorga, Kings reasoning was he had Mayorga under contract.

Mayorga denied he was under contract with King. Mayorga Despite being of limited financial means argued he brought his new wife all the way from Nicaragua to Florida, to take a picture with Don King. This was also after they had a huge falling out. It get’s bette,r Mayorga supposedly never signed a contract while he caught a long flight just to get his new wife to take a picture with Don. However Mayorga did sign a taxi fare which King paid for. Mayorga denied this. The judge ruled Mayorga had no credibility to his story. So Mayorga is essentially a Don King fighter. However due to public demand, the potential for Mayorga to earn solid money and the fact that King had absolutely nothing lined up for Mayorga, the injunction failed. It was a freak show on all parts. King may need to be financially reimbursed, this will be negotiated after the bout. 

The freak show doesn't stop there! Mosley told the judge he expects the bout to sell 1.2 to1.4 million pay per views. Don’t get me wrong this fight has been a huge success in the way Mosley has promoted this. Mosley has done things that PR companies hired to promote fights have failed to do, such as random bus stop tickets, this has generated attention. I expect the buy rate will shock boxing experts like Dan Rafael who predicted under 40 000 buys and I expect this to do well over 50 000 buys. A major success for both fighters.

This isn’t all that happened with Mosley during the week. He has made claims and sought legal action to prove his ex wife was actually married to someone else at the same time she was married to him. Hopefully Shane has some great evidence, otherwise a suit could be coming his way from Jin in reply. I don't like to post private info about a fighter, but Mosley is making this public knowledge with his intense social media posts. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr is totally unique and he showed this again by broadcasting his sparring sessions in the lead up for the Berto bout. Floyd essentially has one of the most under rated chins in the game, so why not show the public some sparring footage? Floyd had no slip up’s at all, his sparring partner who was undefeated copped a huge beat down. This was broadcast live on the Showtime Sports youtube channel. This was cool!

Roy Jones Jr's bout with Danny Santiago has been postponed due to poor weather. A cyclone is expected in the Carribean. The fight was scheduled to be fought at a holiday resort in Philipsburg, which has a population of 1400. The country the city is located in has a population of 39 000 and is more of a tourist based economy. So it's a big hit for the country to have this bout postponed. 

Fonfara vs Cleverly has been confirmed for the 16th of October. This fight will be headlining a PBC card in Chicago. This is a Fantastic fight, Fonfara will be the heavy favorite but Cleverly has a lot to prove. Cleverly shouldn't be under estimated, his only slip up is against Kovalev. Who has virtually destroyed everyone in his path since, even Pascal. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Roy Jones Jr vs Glowacki in the Works. For WBO Cruiserweight Title

It’s with deep regret that we report that Roy Jones Jr vs Glowacki could happen next. Glowacki is a huge power puncher, with relentless heart and he upset Marco Huck in a FOTY candidate, televised nation wide in the US. Now we have some shocking information about the events which happened during and after Glowacki's stunning win. 

Roy Jones Jr was ringside for the Huck vs Glowacki fight. Roy actually believes that he can beat Huck and since Glowacki won, he’s Roy’s new target. Glowacki received a phone call from Roy after the win and Roy said the following, “Glowacki already got the phone call that he got what I want”.

Now let me just report this for what it is! Absolute insanity! If Glowacki vs Jones happens there could be a serious injury in the ring. Roy Jones Jr has looked a shell of his former self against club level fighters and he's been getting hit clean time and time again, from fighters who have more wins then losses on their records. Roy’s speed is gone, his power is nearly completely gone, his reflexes left him five years ago and he looks like your average retired athlete. Roy is old, shot and totally finished. He's barely in the top 75 at Cruiserweight. 

It’s hard to report all this without being called a hater. Let me say one thing, Roy Jones Jr is the greatest fighter I have ever seen in my life. What he has done in the ring during his prime is nothing short of remarkable. He’s an ATG and an instant hall of famer, from 5 years after he retires.

But the Glowacki fight will probably happen next. Glowacki will take the belt back to Poland and earn his biggest pay day defending against Roy, who is a solid name across Europe, even though he’s 10+ years past his best.

Roy won’t be able to last more than one round with Glowacki. If he lasts longer than this, it’s because Glowacki has carried Roy. Glowacki has serious power, the kind of power which can permanently hurt a shot fighter. Roy has already taken way to much punishment and his only reason for fighting on, must be that he needs the money.

It’s hard to see how Roy will commentate after another tough fight like this. If you listen to Roy speak in 2015, compared to 2011, you will notice a considerable difference.

As a Roy Jones Jr fan, this fight has all the makings of a terrible tragedy. And only boxing can stop it from happening. But so often, money can overpower ethics in this sport.

If those around Roy won't help him, boxing should.