Sunday, 26 July 2015

Over looked & Underrated Features Of Top Fighters

Fantastic Individual Skills & Features of Top Fighters

This post will focus on skills and features that are underrated by fight fans, of individual fighters. These attributes are huge factors in how these fighters have become successful.   

Mayweather : Chin & Recovery. His chin is one of the best in the game today. He gets hit clean and hard, more than you think. The fact that he rarely gets hurt is a testament to his chin. He’s fought the very best of our era, the huge punchers and he’s only been hurt by a few, the most hurt being in the Shane Mosley bout. Even in this bout Floyd had amazing recovery powers and despite having his legs gone, within 10 seconds he was steady and throwing back hard power shots.

Froch: ‘Jab’. Probably one of the best and longest jabs in the game. Froch was never fast in his combination punching. But his jab was always accurate and he was able to throw it at different angles and lengths. Just watch how many times Arthur Abraham ate that leather. Now obviously Froch is probably best known for his lunging uppercuts, but the jab was a huge factor in his success.

David Haye: Counter Punching with power. If you want to see how good David Haye was as a counter puncher just watch the Chisora bout. Chisora would come charging in, throwing bombs several times in each round and Haye always found a way to land counter shots which had just as much, if not more power on them. Haye had great reflexes and his power often got the attention over his supreme counter punching skills.

Manny Pacquiao: ‘Speed’. Everyone talked about Pacquiaos power. But when he was at his cyclonic best around 4 years ago his speed was just about the fastest in the game. Most experts feel it was on par with Mayweather, however I believe he was quicker at his best. His speed allowed his power to be seen. Watching Pacquiao hit the heavy bag and floor to ceiling speed ball was a sight to see.

Wladimir Klitschko: ‘Power’. Despite being an athletic freak and an ATG as a heavyweight, Wladimir had great power. His one punch knock out power is greater than that of his twin brother. 

Gennady Golovkin ‘GGG’: ‘Chin’. Everyone loves how Golovkin fights, but the main reason why he can do this, is he has a top chin. I have only seen him rocked once against Curtis Stevens and this was minor as he recovered within a few seconds. GGG’s chin allows him to continually walk down opponents who have solid power themselves, allowing his aggressive style to constantly break down opponents. GGG also has never been dropped in his billions of amateur fights.

Kovalev: ‘Range’ & Balance. Kovalev is a freak if you watch him live at the venue or on television. He can throw punches when in range and out of range and he can land power shots when he’s balanced or off balance. Despite being listed as having a 72 inch reach, Kovalev’s reach and ability to throw power punches off different feet at unexpected times is truly unique. Just look at how he knocked out Sillakh, he threw four different punches off one step.

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