Monday, 6 July 2015

Mundine vs Mayweather. Why not? Berto & Mayfield Who?

Today Anthony Mundine wrote a letter to Floyd Mayweather Jr to try get the American’s final September bout. At the moment Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield are in the running, Anthony Mundine is hoping to enter that mix and be Floyd’s next opponent and here’s a few reasons why he should be.

Mundine holds the last PPV record which Mayweather hasn’t beaten. That’s right, Mundine vs Green did a larger number than Mayweather vs Pacquiao did. Mundine was the draw, with Green building his name off the back of Anthony’s.

Berto is known, but Mayfield isn’t. Even though Berto has won a few titles, Mayfield hasn’t.  Berto is the only realistic choice out of the two. However Berto looks like a train wreck of late. Berto is predictable and easy to beat, fading late in each fight. Berto is barely a top 15 welterweight at the moment.

So with Mundine you get:

A brash talking charismatic personality who would thrive with US mainstream media. The guy can sell a fight! Heck he’s had every one of his fight’s on PPV since he started boxing, which is a first in the history of the entire sport.

He will cost virtually nothing. I assume he would take the bout for a few hundred thousand $$$. Obviously letting him keep a solid share of his Australian PPV money.

So why not? Sure people hate him because he’s confident. But who isn’t confident in this sport? I don’t see Mundine talking about himself in 3rd person at the moment, which annoys the heck out of me when Cotto does it.

Mundine’s had 53 fights, has a highly unrated resume and he just dismantled a heavy favorite and future champ in Sergey Rabchenko. Heck the guy just wants to fight. So give him a chance. He deserves it a lot more than Berto and Mayfield do.

If you bring up the Clottey loss, just remember, Mundine wore sand shoes into the ring. (Sneakers). He wasn't there mentally. A lot of fighters have a bad night. He answered back with a very impressive showing against Rabchenko. 

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