Saturday, 11 July 2015

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga Rematch And Dangers of Retirement

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga 2

First let me start by saying I want to let my views on fighters retiring be known. When a fighter retires the change in lifestyle is huge. Fighters go from receiving a lot of attention, recognition and praise to normality. Fighters are usually highly organized, planning training sessions and camps in detail. Retirement brings no training or planning and often leads to a lot of spare time. Spare time is dangerous. A lot of fighters who retire go onto take illicit drugs and other toxic substances. So I just wanted to say that when two former world champs decide to fight each other, in an evenly matched bout, that's fine! It keeps them active and since the bout is evenly matched it will be fun to watch.

Mayorga will be Mayorga. He is going to come out with some crazy stunts to hype this one. He will also come to fight and he will be attracting news coverage across the United States and across the UK & Australia.

The fight will be at 154 pounds and it will in LA, on the 29th of August.

What can we expect?

We should see some very entertaining rounds early in the fight. I think the first three rounds could have multiple knockdowns.

Mayorga will have a better chance to hurt Mosley in this bout then he did in their previous bout.  That comes with Mosley's age. 

Mosley will have his devastating power as normal. I expect Mosley to win comprehensively. But I see nothing wrong with this match up. It’s an even match up, the promotion should be fun and the more boxing we have, the better.

This will be on independent PPV and it’s expected to do solid numbers, according to Shane Mosley himself. 

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