Friday, 24 July 2015

Late July Boxing Notes : We Update You On Everything! Stay Tuned

This Week In Boxing : We Cover Everything

     First off the ticket sales for Kovalev vs Mohammedi has been very poor. Actually they have been terrible considering Pascal is on the undercard and fighting an unbeaten opponent. Something that has frustrated me has been the comments by leading boxing writer Dan Rafael who is probably the most respected writer in boxing at the moment. Now Dan Rafael had this to say in his chat regarding Kovalev, “Hey, they are trying to break him in in Las Vegas. They know it's not a big-name opponent. It's the dead of summer in the desert”. Now that’s fine and correct, but he’s showing double standards here. Remember when he had this to say about Mundine who fought at an identical time in the year as Kovalev, “So Anthony Mundine thinks he'll be a star in USA? Umm, OK. Gate for his fight vs McKart in Las Vegas was $15,235.50 from 286 tix sold. 2-8-6”. Both fighters had very poor ticket sales but just report it for what it is, ditch the motives. Dan is just about the best in the business in terms of boxing analysis and writing, this is his only flaw though. 

     As we mentioned Jean Pascal is fighting on the Kovalev undercard and I'm more interested in this bout. Pascal takes on Yunieski Gonzelez who is undefeated and quite decent from the footage I have seen. Now Pascal should win with ease but don’t be surprised if there is a shock upset. Pascal took a lot of punishment in the Kovalev bout, it was a brutal encounter and it should be interesting to see if he’s the same fighter. It has to take a toll at some stage.
     I’m expecting Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga 2 to do some solid PPV numbers. I expect anything over 40 000 is a success for this bout, however I think it could shock a few experts and do over 50 000 subscriptions. Shane has built some solid relationships with the media over the last year, doing a lot of interviews for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao mega fight. One live cross-interview between Mosley and Mayorga should be enough for the fight to boom in terms of demand. Regardless if these two are well past their prime it should be entertaining to watch.
     Anthony Mundine isn’t allowed to fight for the WBO Junior MW title according to the WBO because he isn’t ranked. Just take a look at who is ranked, there is at least 7 club fighters in the top 15 who wouldn’t last 6 rounds with Anthony Mundine. That was a very WBA move by the WBO. Well done on killing a fight. Andrade now has to line up a fight quickly. Or the talented American will be stripped of his title. He may need to look at new management to, I have always said Andrade could be a future P4P top 5 rated fighter, however his inconsistency is hurting his career. 
     Cotto and Canelo are still at odds over where the fight should take place. The media are saying this fight is done, but they are quickly forgetting the ego of Cotto which is out of control lately. If you offend him once, he will simply walk from the fight. Similar to how Mayweather has walked from giving Khan a chance, due to Khan mouthing off to much. 

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