Saturday, 25 July 2015

Kovalev Destroys Mohammedi in 3 rounds.

Sergey Kovalev today destroyed the badly outmatched Nadjib Mohammedi in the HBO main event at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Mohammedi was the mandatory for Kovalev and he was so outmatched it was quite dangerous. Not sure how he got such a high rating or how HBO approved him as an opponent, that fight was an accident waiting to happen.

Kovalev didn’t look to good to be honest, but he usually doesn’t against lesser opponents. He’s the kind of fighter that turns up his performance against top opponents such as Hopkins and Pascal. Mohammedi was never in the fight, he was hurt a couple of times in the first round, dropped hard towards the end of round 2 and he was finished off in round 3. Kovalev broke his Mohammedi's nose in the third round and the French fighter failed to beat the count, rising at 8.

The fight was a little over shadowed by the upset in the co-main event with many experts and viewers thinking Pascal clearly lost to Gonzalez, in a top fight. The decision was booed and everyone was stunned when Pascal got the close decision.

Kovalev will fight next in Russia towards the end of the year. Kathy Duva is going to make an approach to Artur Beterbiev, however that fight is unlikely to happen. Beterbiev is still a little raw, despite being a beast already, with awesome power. They would like to build that fight up a little and since Beterbiev is with Haymon, they may match him with Stevenson with the winner eventually fighting Kovalev.

All in all another good night for Kovalev. Not so good for the officials or HBO.

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