Sunday, 12 July 2015

Keith Thurman Is Going Backwards With His New Style

Keith Thurman has put in 3 sub par performances in a row. 

I have always been a Keith Thurman fan and at one stage I supported Dan Rafael's view, that the American had a good chance to be the new face and PPV king of boxing. Thurman is intelligent, charismatic, speaks well and his fighting style was awesome up until his last three bouts.

In his last three bouts against Leonard Bundu, Robert Guerrero and now Luis Collazo the American has adopted a defensive and boxer mover style. This style has totally removed his power. Thurman has always had good power but in this new style he is moving so much, his balance is way off and his power is far from fearful. So instead of utilizing his biggest asset, it seems as though a horrible new game plan is hindering his development.

If Thurman is going to be elite he needs to trust his power more. To do that he needs to fight more on the front foot and he needs to avoid moving extensively. Thurman needs to realize that at certain times in a fight, he needs to trade.

Today Keith Thurman beat Luis Collazo. Collazo in my opinion quit. Thurman dominated the fight apart from round 5. In round 5 Collazo hurt Thurman with a series of devastating body shots. Going by todays performance I am extremely confident that Khan, Brook & Maidana would prove to much for Thurman at the moment. When Thurman moves his balance isn’t great and his power is gone. When he continues to fight in this style a loss is just around the corner.

All he has to do is force the fight more, increase his work rate and fight on the front foot a little more. Combine that with his power, intelligence and communication skills, you have your next PPV star. But going by the last three fights Thurman has had, he is never going to reach the status of what we expect from him.

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