Sunday, 19 July 2015

Joel Brunker Interview. Talks About Preparation for Warrington Bout. And How he likes his Coffee!

Hi Joel, 

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed by Boxing Kingdom. 

Did the loss to Lee Selby strengthen you? At 29, that loss could be seen as a hurdle which has made you re-focus for bigger opportunities?

JB: I learnt a lot from the fight with Selby and in the long run that experience will only make me a better fighter. I took the loss to Selby pretty hard, I felt like I had let myself and my fans down, but I gave the fight everything I had and it just wasn't good enough on the night. I do find comfort in knowing that Selby went on to beat Gradovich to become the IBF World Champion. Just about every boxer suffers a loss in their careers, it's all about how you respond to the loss that counts. 

You are fighting the undefeated Josh Warrington in Leeds on the 5th of September. You obviously aren't scared to travel. How confident are you going into this bout? 

JB: Travel doesn't bother me in the slightest, I actually enjoy it. I am looking forward to coming back to the UK, which is home to some of the most fanatical boxing fans I have ever seen. Confidence is something I always have within myself, I just don't feel the need to be vocal about it. I will let my boxing do the talking rather than talking a big game in the media. 

How far along are you at the moment with camp & when will you be arriving in the UK? 

JB: I've been in camp for about three weeks now and it's going great, I am feeling fit and strong. I am looking to arrive in the UK about 2 weeks before the fight to give myself time to adjust to the time difference and finish off my preparation.

Josh Warrington seems to be saying a few things. You seem like the kind of fighter that couldn't care less what he says? 

JB: I don't pay any attention to what my opponents have to say about me, so he can say what ever he likes. I am 100% focused on my preparation and doing what I need to do to be ready for September 5th. The way I see it with him having the home town and crowd advantage all the pressure is on him not me. 

What do you think of the current state of Australian boxing at the moment? 

JB: We have some talent coming through and a few of the veterans are still attempting to win global bouts. Australian boxing has some great talent, but the main issue is that boxing is not a big sport in Australia, so it doesn't have the financial backing to help it grow. There are so many Aussie boxers who want to be fighting the big names in their divisions, but there just isn't enough money being generated to pay to get them over to Australia. 

About you :

What is your favorite food? 

I love my ice-cream 


Coffee at exactly 100 degrees

Talk us through a normal day in your life?

It really depends on what day it is during the week. I do minimum eleven sessions per week. Monday,Wednesday and Friday I will get up and run 12km at around 5am and in the afternoon I will go to the gym to do my boxing training. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will do strength and conditioning in the morning followed by sparring at the gym in the afternoon. Saturday I will either do some sparing, run or strength and conditioning.

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