Friday, 31 July 2015

Jeff Horn & His Wealthy Backers Need to look Overseas

Jeff Horn is a 27 year old Australian fighter who is currently undefeated, with 10 wins. Australia doesn’t have many prospects appearing but Jeff definitely has a bright future. He’s currently 27 and he is "5-9" so he will be fighting in this division for a long time. Recently his team, obviously supported by very wealthy businessman have offered Anthony Mundine a $1.1 million pay day.

Now it’s great to generate publicity through using the biggest name in Australian boxing and one of the biggest names in Australian sport. But fighting Mundine is mission impossible at the moment, however the coin (money) on offer is significant. Now for that kind of money Jeff Horn could lure some solid and internationally recognized welterweights to Australian soil.

Now for the $1.1 million offer that's been put to Mundine, the same money can get you the following international fighters down under.

-       Brandon Rios (Probably close to $800-900K)
-       Diego Chaves (Around $300K and a quality opponent)
-       Saddam Ali $700K.
-       Chris Algieri $1.1m.
-       Luis Collazo ($300K)
-       Mike Alvarado ($300K) – Won’t get in due to criminal convictions.

So instead of calling out a huge Junior Middleweight. By ‘huge’ I mean Anthony rehydrates close to 170 pounds, so it’s mission impossible and Horn is on a beating to nothing. Why not put out a quarter or half of that money and get an opponent that brings international attention and international television and media coverage?

At the moment this looks like a publicity stunt, which is very smart. It's drumming up media attention for Horn, who is a very good boxer. But if the offer is serious, it makes no sense at all. Anthony won’t take the deal, he’s made enough money and is only after international recognition. Horn can spend less money and take his career to the next level, with a win over e.g Brandon Rios.

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