Saturday, 25 July 2015

Gonzalez Defeats Pascal, But Pascal Gets the Decision

Pascal who is never in a bad fight once again showed why he’s one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport. However Yunieski Gonzalez from Cuba was just to much for Pascal all throughout the fight and he won by quite a wide margin on most viewers and experts scorecards. Pascal got the UD, with all three judges bizarrely scoring it 96-94, however the crowd booed and Gonzalez clearly won. This is boxing and Pascal is one of the biggest cash cows in the Light Heavyweight division, so Pascal got the official win.

The fight was bombs away from very early on. Gonzalez clearly won the first 3 rounds and Pascal came back strongly as he always does. Later in the fight both fighters hurt each other at numerous occasions, however Pascal had the worse of it. This was only a 10 round fight and if it was 12 rounds we could have seen a knockout. Pascal was lucky to be saved by the bell at the end of the 9th round. 

Gonzalez was very impressive and quite a good story behind him. He has two managers who put all their assets and cash on the line to secure him a bout with Pascal on HBO and it has paid dividends. Even though he didn’t get the official win, but he did win (we can all see that), he will get a lot more bigger opportunities for bigger money. Gonzalez has a jab which has serious power in it, quite rare in todays age. He also has some solid power in his right hand and he has good Cuban amateur boxing pedigree.

So next up will be Pascal vs Kovalev 2 and after tonights bouts, I think it will be the same result. But Gonzalez will likely fight Kovalev after this or he could take on Beterbiev in Canada for solid money.

It was a great performance by Gonzalez and he will likely be a world champion in the near future.

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