Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ivan Calderon Net Worth : Financial Is $7 Million USD

Ivan Calderon Financial Net Worth

Ivan Calderon won a bunch of world titles from Minimum weight to light flyweight across the course of his career. Calderon was a master boxer and is recognized as one of the great tacticians of the modern era. Calderon is Puerto Rican so he always had his boxing loving countries support, however towards the end of his career he began to develop support across the United States and Europe.

Calderon has a net worth estimated at $7 million USD. It could be higher than this as he had a total of 39 fights and it’s estimated close to half of those would have had 6 figure purses. 

Calderon was recently rumored to be in some legal trouble regarding a few issues in his home country. However that’s not our job to report about this. 

It’s reported Calderon’s financial net worth could be well in excess of $10 million as he has a wide range of business interests outside of the sport.

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