Wednesday, 22 July 2015

GGG Golovkin Needs To Move to 168 for Ward

Ward is there. It’s up to GGG to accept.

Let me first get started by saying I’m trying to be neutral on this topic. But If I had to say I favored a fighter out of GGG and Ward, I'm easily a bigger GGG fan. In saying that Ward is already a future hall of famer and he has beaten just about everyone at SMW. He’s also undefeated, well known, but lacks the charisma to be a PPV star. In saying that a defeat of Ward, at the hands of the charismatic power puncher GGG would lead the Kazak fighter to becoming a PPV star.

A few things to remember.

GGG is in need of a PPV breakout fight.

Ward has already fought a bunch of big names.

Ward probably will never become a PPV star. So this bout represents a great opportunity for both fighters, as it will be on PPV. Furthermore this will be GGG’s springboard into fighting the best on the biggest stage.

Ward weighed 172 in his last bout and he’s struggling to make 168. GGG is a strong guy, a move up 8 pounds should be rather easy. GGG is daring to be great, so he needs to make the step up and fight Ward. There are huge fights for GGG at 168 after a Ward bout and watching how Smith hurt Ward in the 7th round of their recent bout, GGG has a great chance to win.

If Ward is successful he needs to step up and fight Kovalev at 175. But at the moment GGG has a duty to his fans and boxing to step up to 168 and put a stamp on his greatness and his future. GGG isn’t young anymore he’s 33, so he needs to move quickly.

Just remember Roy Jones Jr dared to be great, he moved up from SMW to Heavyweight and he's now an ATG. 

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