Thursday, 16 July 2015

Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto. 12th of September. MGM Grand

Summary of Floyd vs Berto : What You Can Expect!     

So the worst kept secret in boxing is out, Floyd Mayweather will face off against Andre Berto in September. The fight isn’t going to be broadcast on Showtime PPV, it will in fact headline a PBC event. All in all, it’s not a horrible fight. Considering it’s free and Berto always comes to fight, it should still be a fun fight to watch.

Here are some interesting points about Floyd vs Berto:

Amir Khan signed with Al Haymon after he was promised a Mayweather fight. Great negotiating by Haymon. It’s now quite clear Amir Khan will never get a Mayweather fight. I actually feel quite sorry for the guy, since he was the most deserving candidate.

Karim Mayfield actually went along with the Floyd story. Obviously Floyd and Karim are friends and the extra publicity will sure help Karim’s next fight purse and he can thank Floyd for that.  

Andre Berto does have some impressive speed early in his fights, however he usually fades after 4 rounds. The first 4 rounds should be fun to see how Floyd deals with a slick opponent and Berto will most likely get knocked out, but if he’s down on the cards you can bet he’s going to go for the KO. Berto won’t simply ease to a points decision loss like a few other Floyd opponents have done.

The fight will be on the 12th of September at the MGM Grand.  There is no rush to announce this bout as they don’t have to convince the public to buy the PPV. Convincing the public to tune into a free to air channel to watch an all time great, isn’t a hard task.

It’s obviously not the fight everyone wanted, but Floyd deserves an easy fight. The guy has put everything on the line time and time again. I expect Floyd to knock Berto out within 8 rounds. 

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