Friday, 31 July 2015

Jeff Horn & His Wealthy Backers Need to look Overseas

Jeff Horn is a 27 year old Australian fighter who is currently undefeated, with 10 wins. Australia doesn’t have many prospects appearing but Jeff definitely has a bright future. He’s currently 27 and he is "5-9" so he will be fighting in this division for a long time. Recently his team, obviously supported by very wealthy businessman have offered Anthony Mundine a $1.1 million pay day.

Now it’s great to generate publicity through using the biggest name in Australian boxing and one of the biggest names in Australian sport. But fighting Mundine is mission impossible at the moment, however the coin (money) on offer is significant. Now for that kind of money Jeff Horn could lure some solid and internationally recognized welterweights to Australian soil.

Now for the $1.1 million offer that's been put to Mundine, the same money can get you the following international fighters down under.

-       Brandon Rios (Probably close to $800-900K)
-       Diego Chaves (Around $300K and a quality opponent)
-       Saddam Ali $700K.
-       Chris Algieri $1.1m.
-       Luis Collazo ($300K)
-       Mike Alvarado ($300K) – Won’t get in due to criminal convictions.

So instead of calling out a huge Junior Middleweight. By ‘huge’ I mean Anthony rehydrates close to 170 pounds, so it’s mission impossible and Horn is on a beating to nothing. Why not put out a quarter or half of that money and get an opponent that brings international attention and international television and media coverage?

At the moment this looks like a publicity stunt, which is very smart. It's drumming up media attention for Horn, who is a very good boxer. But if the offer is serious, it makes no sense at all. Anthony won’t take the deal, he’s made enough money and is only after international recognition. Horn can spend less money and take his career to the next level, with a win over e.g Brandon Rios.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don’t Miss Brian Rose vs Carson Jones 2 This Weekend.

Brian Rose vs Carson Jones 2 : Fight Analysis 

If you're on the lookout for a fight to watch this weekend, don’t miss Brian Rose vs Carson Jones 2. This fight could turn into a classic and I will let you know why.

The first bout between Rose and Jones ended in a first round TKO win for Jones in February of this year. Essentially the fight started at a good pace and Rose hurt Jones with a nice right hook. About a minute later Jones hurt Rose and instead of taking a count while he recovered, Rose made the huge error of trying to hold Jones, despite his legs being gone. Jones easily shrugged Rose off and landed 20 unanswered punches. Now the stoppage was a little early, but it wasn’t that bad, Rose was seriously hurt.

So six months on the two are back and the rematch is on. Now Carson Jones is extremely under rated, yes he has 10 losses, but he’s reminding me a lot of Glen Johnson in how his career is developing. Jones lost a disputed decision to Brook, in a fight a lot of people gave the American the win. However Brook then stopped Jones convincingly in the rematch, but the American shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s a very big Junior Middleweight, his bout before the February bout, were fought at 171 pounds.

Rose is putting everything on the line here and he may well come through the winner. Theres a lot to admire about a guy who gets stopped in the 1st round and then he instantly rematches a dangerous opponent. Sure Rose has lost before, convincingly to Demetrius Andrade but if you look at that fight, Andrade looked like a pound for pound fighter.

There is a lot on the line for the winner. A win for Jones could put him in the sweepstakes for a high paying bout with Anthony Mundine in Australia for late October. In a few interviews on youtube Jones has mentioned that a bout with Mundine is a possibility if he wins. That would represent one of the biggest purses of Jones career. If Rose wins the same fight is also a possibility, but more importantly his reputation as a potential world title holder will be restored and he will have ambitions of bigger fights in the United States.

If you miss this, it’s your loss. Theres a lot on the line come Saturday night in Hull and while my head think’s Jones will win, I’m not going to write Rose off as he has truckloads of heart.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Boxing Notes : Geale vs Murray, May vs Berto, Porters Back and Joseph Parker

Boxing Notes:

Daniel Geale has made the move up to Super Middleweight after his recent loss to Miguel Cotto. Geale struggled making the 157 pound catch weight Cotto enforced. A bout with Martin Murray at SMW could be looked at in the near future and that would be a good match up in my opinion. That would be a bout between two Middleweights who have made the move up in weight, who are both looking for a new test.

Floyd Mayweather is expected to announce his next opponent Andre Berto as early as this Thursday.

We actually broke the news that GGG vs Lemeiux was signed, 8 hours before it was officially announced. Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Porter is expected to fight Keith Thurman next. That bout is looking likely for November and that is just about the best fight being made at Welterweight at the moment.

Angel Garcia has been very quiet of late. No outbursts ahead of the Malignaggi bout. Sign of respect between both camps, who have known each other for a long time.

ESPN 3 are streaming Joseph Parker’s bout against Bowie Topou on Saturday night. That’s how high ESPN are about the potential of Parker.

As we also mentioned two weeks ago Hopkins is vocally calling out Abraham now. Advances have been made between both camps.

Team Malignaggi Very Confident Ahead of Danny Garcia Bout

Former 2 time, 2 weight world champion Paulie Malignaggi and his team are extremely confident of causing an upset when they face Danny Garcia at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday night. Paulie is a huge underdog but he’s receiving a lot of support from fans and boxing experts who think an upset could be on the cards. Many experts are indicating that Danny Garcia is on the slide and I agree with this view.

Danny Garcia looked great against Lucas Mattysshe in late 2013. Since then he is declining a little, fight by fight and this weekend could see a shocking upset, which would further cement Malignaggi's legacy. In my opinion Herrera beat Garcia by two rounds and that was followed up by a horrible mismatch with Rod Salka. Still not sure how that Salka bout got sanctioned, let alone put on Showtime. After that Garcia went life and death with Lamont Peterson. So despite Garcia being highly talented, he has been in a few tough fights and he has taken some serious punishment in these fights.

Garcia seems slower with each fight, he loads up on virtually every punch. He has some of the loopiest punches in the game and Paulie should be able to capitalize on this, come Saturday night. Paulie needs to fight cautiously early on and not get caught with any huge shots like he got caught with against Porter. As soon as he gets longer in the fight, his skills and speed should take over the fight. Paulie is 35 now and he’s still relevant so it’s remarkable he doesn’t get as much respect as he should from fans and experts of the sport.

I will go with Malignaggi by a close decision in what some are calling a huge upset if it happens. I don’t see it as an upset at all, Malignaggi has always been a great boxer and Garcia relies on power and he’s been looking slow as of late. I also think Malignaggi has a big advantage with his ring IQ. Does Garcia know he’s in for a tough fight? Well of course, just look at how quiet Angel Garcia has been recently. That is a sign of respect. Hopefully we get a fantastic fight on Saturday night.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

New Interview with Boxing Identity & Trainer Peter Sferrazza AKA Peter Cards

Hi Peter,

Thankyou for taking the time to interview with Boxing Kingdom. 

 PS: "No problems! Glad to answer questions for my fans". 

      1.  Are you excited for Paulie’s upcoming bout with Danny Garcia? Garcia has been looking quite inconsistent lately. Are you confident Paulie can cause an upset? 

      PS: "Absolutely, it's very exciting for us. This is a huge fight. Danny is a big name and has proven himself to be at the level that he is at, but at the same time Danny is a one trick pony, he has heavy hands and a good chin, but is one dimensional". 

2.     Can you talk me through a normal day in your life? It must be busy, successful construction boss, head trainer for Malignaggi and host of the famous podcast ‘Brooklyn to the world’. 

PS: "I wish I was a construction boss (laughing), I'm a laborer. My normal day to day routine consists of working construction, once a week we do the podcast which I enjoy doing because I have a lot of fun doing it. Eric Brown is the head coach and I'm the assistant trainer. Yes, it can be very very busy but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

3.     The podcast is turning into a success quickly and your influence on the show is just as important as Paulie’s. Do you see a long term vision for the podcast? 

PS: "I definitely do, I actually would like to grow this into possibly a radio show and to continue to do the pod cast as well because the people at CBS are great and its a lot of fun too".

4.     Paulie is excelling as an analyst also with Showtime boxing and CBS and UK channels, do you feel he could eventually become the best commentator in the game? 

PS: "I feel he already is. I feel that no one can articulate their opinion the way that he does. He gives the sport to you in his eyes and no one explains it the way he does. Everyone who is watching while he is commentating is learning more about the sport every time."

5.     Who would win a fight out of you and Seth and how would it play out?

PS: (Laughing)"Seth wrestled in school even though he's a lot smaller then I am he's a tough little guy but if I land a straight left hand it would be goodnight for Seth".

6.     Talk us through exactly how long you and Paulie have known each other? You seem like you have been best friends for decades? 

PS: "I met Paulie when I was 18 in Gleasons gym, and at that time I thought I was going to be a boxer myself. I didn't really have my future planned out, I sold cars, always loved boxing and started boxing at a very young age. In my own mind I was a very good boxer until I sparred with Paulie . I figured I rather help him achieve his goals instead of wasting my time trying to become a fighter myself and from there we have been inseparable. I have been his corner man his whole career."

7.     There has been an unusual amount of respect from Danny Garcia and his father in the lead up to his bout with Malignaggi, has this surprised you?

PS: "Well as of very recently I have seen some trash talk from Angel and Danny but for the most part it doesn't surprise me. We go way back with the Garcia family, we watched Danny grow as a professional to where he is now. "

A bit about you:

-       Favorite beer? Corona
-       Favorite food? Pasta
-       Jennifer Lopez or Ariana Grande? Jennifer Lopez
-       How many coffees per day do you have? I hate coffee I only drink espresso to give me a boost. 

Do you have anything else to say? Shoutouts? Mention the other fighters you train? 

PS: "My other fighter is Junior the Young God Younan, he is 7-0 with 6 knockouts in the 168 lb division. He is signed with RocNation, and will be fighting Sept 28. The venue is not solidified yet. He is very promising and I expect him to be a future world champion. Follow me at instagram and twitter @Petercards. I would like to thank all of Paulie's fans especially the UK fans for their loyalty and showing so much support. It makes me happy to see the enjoyment that they get out of our podcast. I'm looking forward to making everyone laugh at my expense. I do not plan to loose weight or get sober so deal with it!"