Saturday, 13 June 2015

Dejan Zlaticanan Destroys Ivan Redkach In 4 rounds.

Dejan Zlaticanan vs Ivan Redkach - Fight Analysis

Dejan Zlaticanan destroyed Ivan Redkach in 4 rounds tonight on the Wilder vs Molina undercard in Alabama. I thought this was going to be a great fight from the outset, and I also tweeted to Stephen Espinoza that this could have been a fight of the year. The fight was one sided, but it turned into a showcase bout for Dejan, who is now well known in the US. His all action style was intimidating from the start.

Dejans power was immense and he had a great first two rounds. Landing massive overhand lefts. In the 3rd round Redkach had his best round and went to the body a lot. At that stage I had Dejan up two rounds to one. In the fourth round as both fighters were exchanging, Redkach tried to throw an uppercut from the outside. Dejan countered with a huge overhand left. Redkach was hurt bad and was lucky to beat the count. Dejan then unloaded with around 20 power punches, however only a few landed. I think the ref could have waited a little longer before stopping it. But the outcome would have been inevitable.

Dejan was just way to strong. Great performance from the rising star of Montenegro.

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