Saturday, 13 June 2015

Wilder Destroys Molina in 10th round KO. Molina shows heart, And Deontay Flaws Show.

Deontay Wilder vs Eric Molina Round by Round Analysis : Commentary

Eric Molina has been introduced by the classy Jimmy Lennon Jr. Molina looks at the crowd with a look of shock and confusement. Kind of like asking himself if he’s meant to be here? Well he’s not, but he’s been given a shot at one of the alphabet heavyweight titles, so best to make the most of it mate.

The ring girls seem to be eyeing off Deontay. Seems to be a favourite with the ladies.

Jack Reiss strikes a quick pose as he’s introduced by Jimmy Lennon Jr. This shouldn’t last long so be ready.

And we are ready to go. Hopefully it’s entertaining. Not to one sided J

All Wilder here in round 1. Thudding shots, making some nice sound, there is some serious power on them. Molina is just waiting to try counter with an overhand right as Wilder lunges in. Probably his best shot. Crowd seem to be enjoying this, Wilder has turned into a big draw. Evander Holyfield is also in the crowd and he gets a big reception from the crowd.

Round 2: All Wilder again. Molina looking at landing some over hand rights and they looked a little like a sap. Wilder is starting to let loose here. Molina looks hurt and it’s only a matter of time. Molina works the body and he has lasted a lot longer than expected, only due to Wilder giving him the time to still be in it.

Getting fun. Very one sided. But the underdog is throwing a few home run shots, which have all missed by a long distance. Good crowd interaction here and Wilder has created a good atmosphere in his home town.

Round 3 begins. And Wilder looks like he’s ready to win by knock out. Aggressive stance and closing the ring off. Wow Molina has hurt Wilder. Wilder was in trouble. Big round for Molina, have it 2-1, could there be a massive upset here.

Wilder looks like he respects Molina’s power now in the 4th round. Molina not throwing much back, just looking to land something huge again.

Molina down at the end of round 4. Big left hand by Wider and the bell saves Molina. Who has miraculously lasted into the 5th round.

Molina dropped hard in the 5th twice, very lucky to get through the round. Huge heart and he’s put in a better effort than Stiverne did.

Molina has huge heart. Copping a beating but going for the KO and trying back. He deserves a lot of credit. Fighting to become champ even though he’s outmatched.

And we are into the 8th. Wilder well ahead on the cards. But Molina is going for the win. The guy has so much heart.

Molina just won round 9. Wilder looks hurt.

Wilder just dropped Molina in round 10. Brutal KO.

Good fight. Entertaining. A lot of questions about Wilder remain though.

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