Monday, 29 June 2015

Gennady Golovkin Next Fight : Who Will It Be?

Who Is Golovkin Fighting Next?

Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin is just about the most interesting fighter in the sport at the moment. He is also a fan favorite which means he can get away with a few things that other elite fighters can’t. Over the past month Keith Thurman has been getting hammered by the media ahead of his bout on the 11th of July vs Luiz Collazol, in Florida. This is despite Collazo being a former World Champion who is still top 15 at Weltwerweight. So lets try work out who Golovkin is fighting next.

Gennady has several options, however a lot of options are also off the table. Canelo and Cotto are fighting in November so that rules them out. Mayweather isn’t interested in facing Gennady for his farewell bout. Pacquiao is out with a shoulder injury. Most of the top names at 154 are fighting each other or they are with promoters or television networks that won’t fight on HBO, which has Gennady signed to a multi fight deal.

All we are left with is Tureano Johnson, Billy Joe Saunders, Hassan N’dam and Chris Eubank Jr. The best fight out of these names remains Hassan N’dam and this would be a good opponent considering the limited options which are out there. Also worth mentioning Golovkin has ruled out a move to 168 next for a Ward fight. Ward has also mentioned he needs another tune up bout before he takes on an elite opponent. If Roc Nation want to pay Ward another $2 million to fight a tune up, then good luck with that. Also worth noting David Lemeiux is keen on facing GGG, but not until early next year. 

So my question is why isn’t Golovkin vs N’dam being hyped? N’dam is a solid fighter. And you know he’s going to try and last 12. Important to note since Monroe Jr and Geale, blatantly quit in their bouts, leaving viewers with a bad taste. N'dam has been dropped nearly 10 times in two bouts vs Quillen and Lemieux and he finished both fights. He has lost twice, but he’s never been stopped. And Curtis Stevens gave Golovkin some tough moments & Ndam easily beat the American.

N’dam fought like a warrior against Lemeiux and his purse was $53K. If anyone deserves this fight it’s N’Dam and it would be very interesting and entertaining while it lasts. I like Johnson, he’s a good character and all class in interviews and on twitter but he needs a little longer to develop and he has a lot to achieve, so I would like to see him pursue alternatives. Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders are rather unworthy at the moment but both have the talent to be future opponents. 

Golovkin vs N’Dam should happen next. Anything less, Golovkin should be held accountable, like fighters such as Thurman and Danny Garcia are. Despite being entertaining Golovkin and his team have the coin to get some solid names. As boxing experts, pundits and fans, let's not create double standards. Call a fight as we see it, be enthusiastic for interesting bouts, but also complain about mismatches. Strong match ups are strong for the sport. 

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