Sunday, 21 June 2015

We Analyze The Declining Career of Adrien Broner.

Adrien Broner’s Stock Drops Again. What Needs To Happen

Adrien Broner lost on the weekend to Shawn Porter, a fight he was favoured to win according to the Vegas sports betting agencies. The various contract requirements which were requested from the start were odd, with unusual discrepancies around Shawn Porter's weight. I will go over this in detail throughout this post. Broner is quickly falling from being the future star of this generation, to just a solid contender who is elite, but will never achieve superstar status.

Here is the odd set of circumstances which happened and contributed to Broner’s loss:

Broner originally requested a weight limit of 144 pounds for the bout. This is despite Broner being a former 147 pound champion. This was done to gain an advantage over Porter, however reports were Broner was socializing during this camp and not taking this overly serious. Broner cut weight the wrong way and he just made the limit. Broner’s camp had also requested in the contract that Porter weigh no more than 154 pounds after rehydrating on the morning of the fight. Broner was over this weight limit by far and it was scrapped, despite Broner's camp coming up with the requests. It was unprofessional and odd that Broner couldn’t’ control his weight, since he has fought at much lighter weights in the past.

As soon as Broner did that weird dance during his ring walk, it was curtains for the wasted talent. He performed the same kind of antics against Marcos Maidana. The thing is, that’s fine to do a few days before the bout to build everything up. But when you are making your way to the ring, even the best focus and become serious. It’s important to get your mind on the matter and once again Broner wasn’t focused. In the ring walk, there's no need to sell the fight or yourself any further. The spectators have already paid for their seats and the viewers on TV have already tuned in. 

Reports were circulating that Broner had a pretty bad camp and he was socializing throughout. This may not be true, but he didn’t look in great shape. Broner’s corner need to have a long look at themselves also, it’s not hard to train a fighter to increase his work rate. Stamina training and longer sessions are required, however Broner’s poor work rate continued in the Porter bout and he simply can’t keep up with the pace at the elite level. 

Despite being named ‘About Billions’, Broner’s pay cheques are dwindling down fight by fight. He earnt around the $1 500 000 mark for his bout with Malignaggi. For the fight against Porter, he earnt $1 300 000. It’s going to be far less in his next fight since that is the 2nd loss of his career.

It seems as though Broner has been exposed at the elite level. He is a good, solid world champion, but it’s a stretch to see him becoming the big star of this era like he self proclaims. Unfortunately we may see his career unravel from this point as he seems to not be focused and his talent and game plans never adapt in time for him to win fights. Broner needs to go down to 140 instantly. His stock has taken a big battering, the fight also did 2.4 million viewers which is minimal compared to Thurman vs Guerrero which did 4 million viewers. So his drawing power is also in question.

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