Monday, 1 June 2015

The Amazing Marketing Brain Of Deontay Wilder. Pure Genius

Deontay Wilder recently outpointed the champion Stiverne, to become the WBC Heavyweight champion of the world. Wilder can talk, has charisma and can punch, however he does a few things which must make his manager and promoter extremely nervous. For years fighters have fought easy opponents, often described as 'tune up' bouts before leading into bigger more meaningful bouts.

Despite tune up opponents being wildly outmatched in these bouts, the star attractions have usually talked up the bout and their opponent. Talking up the weaker opponents in tune up bouts help add legitimacy to the bout and help boosts ticket sales and interest in the bout. This has occurred throughout the reigns of fighters such as Felix Sturm, Sven Ottke, Anthony Mundine, Danny Green & Lucian Bute. Most recently this has been happening with Adonis Stevenson. Now the star attraction who is expected to win against mismatched opponents easily, always talks up the courage of the opponent and how they can’t overlook this opponent as it could lead to a career defining loss.

Now this is where the genius of Deontay Wilder comes in.  Wilder fights Eric Molina on the 13th of June at home in Alabama. Now instead of building interest in the fight, Wilder is constantly calling ‘Molina’ a bum. Despite this being accurate, it’s highly disrespectful to call a club fighter this. The club fighter is taking a huge risk and a likely beating for a small pay day. Molina is just trying to put food on the table for his family and he’s going to give it his best. He’s outmatched and yes he knows he’s limited. But Molina deserves respect, it requires enormous courage fighting Wilder, who is a vicious one punch knockout artist. Wilder's team chose Molina and the club fighter agreed. 

So instead of adding a touch of legitimacy in this bout and creating some kind of hype for the June 13th clash. Wilder has shown his intelligence by trashing his widely outmatched opponent and showing no class. Let me just emphasize it’s okay to call another elite level fighter a bum, in an attempt to get into his head. But when a fighters team go looking for a soft touch and easy pay day and fight a significantly limited opponent in Molina, for me it’s highly disrespectful to talk this nonsense. And quite simply, no one cares about this fight now. 

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