Saturday, 20 June 2015

Porter Defeats Broner Easily & Ward Destroys Paul Smith

Shawn Porter UD vs Broner & Ward TKO 9th round over Smith : Analysis

Shawn Porter clinically defeated Broner by  UD earlier today at the MGM. Porter was the aggressor and his work rate was simply to much for Broner to match. Broner held a lot in the first 6 rounds, making the fight difficult to watch on the eye. He was eventually deducted a point in the 11th round. Broner looked fresh although he was simply clinically beaten by Porter, who had more power, a better work rate and better ring generalship. No need for a rematch as this was one sided, despite Broner dropping Porter hard in the 12th. 

Porter weighed 161 in the ring and Broner was 157, so both fighters were essentially fighting as Middleweights. Another reason why we should bring in same day weigh ins again & the obvious need to overhaul the current system. 

Andre Ward won by TKO over Paul Smith Jnr in the 9th round. Smith’s corner threw the towel in. Despite Smith being outmatched, the fight was fun to watch and Ward was more aggressive than usual which was good to see. Ward forced the pace and broke down Smith each round. Considering Ward had been out of the ring for close to two years, the performance was very impressive. His punch output was higher than normal and it was great to watch.

Smith looked a little out of shape and he was well over for the weigh in and same day weigh in, which led him to receiving a much smaller purse than originally scheduled for. Bit unprofessional by Smith, however the gulfs in class was immense and there for everyone to see. 

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