Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Is Oscar De La Hoya Retired? Expect A Comeback.

The Oscar De La Hoya Comeback Story

As we reported over the past few months Oscar De La Hoya is intent on making a comeback to the sport he loves. Despite a lot of property, money in the bank and a tonne of successful investments, the desire to compete is burning deep inside the Golden Boy. Oscar at the moment is considering making a return, his team at GBP are discussing who he should fight next and if it’s worth returning. Let me give you a quick run down of what you can expect if Oscar returns.

De La Hoya will instantly be fighting on Pay Per View. The guy has a ridiculously large and loyal fan base. The demographics of these fans is also substantially different to that of normal boxing fans. If Oscar does make a comeback the weight will be at Middleweight or Junior Middleweight. That is his walking around weight and he won’t be bulking to 168 or fighting as light as 147.

On return Oscar will want to fight the best. I think this will be a terrible choice, but he seems intent on fighting Golovkin. An exhibition bout between Canelo and Oscar could also be done, but the two are close friends. This could also be a total publicity stunt, keep in mind Oscar just might be working out harder with no intent on returning to the boxing ring. But we need to take what he says at face value because he has so often spoke the truth in the past. Oscar is from the old school of fighters who rarely talk trash and when a reporter asks them a question he looks at them in the eye and answers the question honestly. He has also never referred to himself in 3rd person, which is increasingly irritating amongst current boxers.

If I had to make a decision what would I pick? I think Oscar will make a return to the ring at some stage. He will run a successful promotion for the fight which builds incredible interest amongst the mainstream media and casual boxing fans who buy into his logic of returning and having one defying bout for greatness. This will likely be against Golovkin and it won’t end well. It won’t last 6 rounds. But Oscar will take a $10 million pay out and he will ride off into the sunset.

It’s a way to get fit, get motivated for another 6 months and increase the interest in his brand and his promotional company. Golden Boy Promotions has limited major fights to set up & if Oscar makes a return, his huge status will bring the company back with the power players.

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