Saturday, 13 June 2015

Top Rank Are Going To Sacrifice Pacquiao for Crawford.

Pacquiao vs Crawford & Jessie Vargas

Top Rank are about to perform another succession plan, which is one of the smartest business plans a boxing promotions company can achieve. Manny Pacquiao is a cash cow for Top Rank and he doesn’t have many fights left. Arum this week indicated that if Pacquiao can’t get a Mayweather rematch, he will match the Phillipino icon with rising American star Terence Crawford.

Pacquiao is clearly the 2nd biggest name in the sport and the prospect of fighting the global icon is huge for Terence Crawford. If Arum can assure Crawford that he will deliver Pacquiao to him, then it’s likely Crawford will sign an extended deal with Top Rank. Crawford will be expected to win if the fight takes place next year, after Manny recovers from minor shoulder surgery, which was an injury that didn’t restrict his performance in the Mayweather fight, despite the romours going around.

I expect we could also see Pacquiao fight Jessie Vargas after this, even if he looses to Crawford, which is possible next year. Oscar De La Hoya was the link for major fighters such as Mayweather and Pacquiao, when they broke through from a regular HBO show headliner to an official PPV star. The same will be done with Pacquiao, Arum will use Manny’s global stardom and reputation to build the careers of Terence Crawford and potentially Jessie Vargas.

Bob Arum is one of the smartest minds in boxing. He has a huge net worth, which is estimated to be around half a billion dollars. Arum also has his family in powerful positions within the company. We could essentially see something similar happen with Mayweather and Adrien Broner down the line. Al Haymon could line up a bout with Mayweather and Broner, with Broner using Mayweathers superstar status to spring his personal following and viewership into a pay per view star.

This is boxing. It ensures the upcoming generation develop like the current generation did. Having succession plans from promotional companies is great for the sport. If Crawford vs Pacquiao happened and then Vargas vs Pacquiao, it would be great for the sport.

We won’t hear any news about this for a long time, as Manny is out for at least another 9 months as his shoulder recovers. The rematch with Mayweather will happen as there is still to much money to be made there.

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