Sunday, 21 June 2015

David Lemieux Wins Vacant IBF Middleweight World Title vs Ndam

David Lemieux vs Hassan N'Dam Full Fight Analysis & GGG Discussion

David Lemieux looked crisp and powerful tonight, in a brutal display of power punching against world rated Ndam, in Montreal. As expected Lemieux got the win in a fantastic display, dropping Ndam several times in a fun and competitive bout. Ndam has put on several top notch performances in the past against former champions such as Peter Quillen & Curtis Stevens. Ndam once again showed he has amazing recovery powers which reminds me of JMM, as once Ndam is badly hurt, he takes around 5-10 seconds to substantially recover.

What does this performance mean for Lemieux?

Lemieux did everything that was expected of him and this fight was extremely important for him, this could be seen witnessed by Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins being ringside. Golden Boy Promotions are banking big on Lemieux fighting and beating GGG in his next bout. 

How does a fight with GGG go?

So far I think it’s an intriguing match up, GGG will obviously be the heavy favorite. However this is going to be interesting for the first half of the fight. There is a very good chance GGG could get rocked in that period and it will be interesting to see how the Middleweight beast responds. Lemieux will be just about the hardest puncher GGG has faced and unlike Curtis Stevens, Lemieux has a good variety of punches and he’s able to catch opponents who come in quickly. This could work to Golovkin’s disadvantage.

Another crucial factor I have noticed is once the fight gets past 9 rounds, Lemieux still fights his heart out and his power is still there but his work rate constantly declines. Therefore if a bout with GGG comes to fruition, Lemieux needs to land something massive early and he will need to get GGG’s respect. If GGG respects Lemieux’s power and he slows down his work rate, then Lemieux will have a great chance at winning the fight.

Right now it’s hard not to pick GGG, but Lemieux is still young, he’s getting better and he’s a genuine threat. All in all, it was a great win over Ndam, which was fun and brutal to watch. It was probably the fight of the weekend, easily beating Broner vs Porter and also being far more entertaining than Ward’s destruction of Smith.

GGG vs Lemieux for late 2015! Bring it on. I’m already excited over this match up.

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