Saturday, 13 June 2015

Klimov vs Pedraza : Round by Round Scoring.

Pedraza vs Klimov : Fight Analysis 

Round 1: Pedraza sets the tone. Much higher work rate and has some early success backing Klimov into the corner.

Round 2: Accidental head clash, no cuts. Klimov forcing the pace here. Nice combo back by Pedraza. Better head movement by Klimov. Klimov looks more like the aggressor at the moment. Nice combo from Pedraza, good handspeed but not much really landed. Double right hand by Klimov. Good finish by Pedraza and he steals the round. Hurt Klimov with a nice right to the body. Better round for Klimov though.

Deontay Wilder interview on now. He looks calm, excited and ready to go.

Round 3: Klimov starts off well again. Pedraza has a good high guard. Klimov is going to the body a little also. Turning into a good tempo fight at the moment. Pedraza has some nice rips to the body. Good commentary by Paulie Malignaggi once again. Pedraza just looks so much sharper and he’s controlling the distance well. The Russian is being set up with nice combinations up and down. All Pedraza here, having him winning the first three rounds, although it has been competitive and turning out to be fun to watch.

Paulie Malignaggi is commentating and he’s close to the best in the business at the moment. Very insightful with his comments.

Round 4: All Pedraza again. Klimov is rocked a little by a headbutt which was ignored by the ref. But the Puerto Rican is winning clearly here. Feinting and his body movement and quick feet seems to much. The Russian needs to land something big soon to change the tone of this fight. And as that he just lands a nice uppercut and he seems to be having the best round of the fight so far.

The dodgy figure of Don King has appeared at the Eric Molina pre fight interview. Hopefully Molina is getting paid for tonight, unsure if Don King is his promoter.

Round 5: Pedraza has much quicker feet. Paul Malignaggi is waking up in the commentary. Must have had a coffee or something. Having Peter Cards there would be fun. Klimov just landed a huge left hook on Pedraza, but the Puerto Rican took it well. Nice short punches.

Round 6: Klimov forcing the pace here, but Pedraza answering back. Pedraza starting to walk Klimov down, but the Russian is landing a bit. Klimov has a lot of swelling under his left eye, could be a bad cut developing.

Round 7: All Pedraza here, looking classy. Klimov is hurt. Could be a stoppage coming on here.

Best round of the fight for Pedraza. Well ahead on the scorecards and stoppage looks on the card. The Puerto Rican, has good movement & can fight on both the inside or outside. Looks to be a quality prospect. I expect we will see a lot more of him in the future.

Klimovs corner looks like they may stop the fight soon.

Round 8: Pedraza hurting Klimov consistently. Definetely not doing a Lara tonight and trying to win on points, hes hunting for the knock out and it shouldn’t be to far away.

This is what Lara should have been doing against Rodriguez. Pedraza can easily coast to a decision here, but he’s upping the pressure, making it entertaining for the fans and everyone will want to watch him again in his next fight.

Poor corner work by Pedraza’s team. He’s on the verge of stopping Klimov and they tell him to fight more defensively. Just as I praised him, he isn’t throwing in round 9.

Fights getting a little boring now, due to the genius corner of Pedraza. Well done.

In the 10th and Klimov needs a KO.

Deontay Wilder quickly on the screen saying “I Love you Alabama”, he’s quickly becoming a marketable millionaire. Should have a solid net worth in a year or so. Thinking he could be a PPV star shortly also.

Through 11 rounds now and it’s becoming boring. Pedraza looked very good for 9 rounds. But his Chris Lane like corner told him to box and fight more defensively. Which makes no sense at all. Time for a new corner after this fight for the Puerto Rican prospect.

Klimov needs a KO here and he’s doing nothing but throwing out a weak jab. Which is weak.

It’s nearly over. Overall great boxing by Pedraza. Klimov didn’t try to win at the end. He was happy to coast through for a decision loss. And Pedraza’s corner need to have a good look at themselves. He is talented and could have KO’d Klimov. But his corner told him to fight safe. Boxing isn’t just about getting the win, it’s about marketability. Just have a look at Lara and Rigondeaux.

Anyhow, Pedraza is a good talent. Congrats on winning the vacant title.

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