Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Amir Khan Blames Virgil Hunter & Malignaggi vs Pacquiao

 1st Week of June Boxing News:

     Amir Khan has blamed trainer Virgil Hunter for his below par performance against Chris Algieri. Khan now claims he was over trained. My opinion is Chris Algieri fought extremely well, he came in with an aggressive game plan and even though he doesn’t have power, he used his large frame to boss Khan around the ring. Another important factor to note is that Algieri has an extremely large frame and he will eventually be fighting at Junior Middleweight or potentially Middleweight. He seemed boiled down at 140, so fighting at higher weights will suit his body more. And you can expect his performances will improve. Khan’s views on blaming his trainer are a little disappointing and unprofessional. A fighter does need to take responsibility for his performances to a degree. However to Khan’s defence it did seem they were expecting Algieri to counter punch and the strategy Hunter gave Khan was totally wrong and no back up plan existed. 
     Freddie Roach has told media outlets that Paulie Malignaggi is talking himself into a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Obviously Paul isn’t much of a threat to Manny but he will make things interesting at the press conference. The fight will sell and I exepct it will do solid numbers. Paul will become some what of an enemy to Pacquiao’s large Phillipine support base, but the fight will sell well and it will get a lot of media coverage after Paul talks the game up at the press conferences. From team Pacquiao’s perspective, the fight generates good revenue and Paul isn’t a threat to Manny. Expect the fight to get made in 9 months when Pacquiao returns. Nice payout for Malignaggi also.

     Anthony Mundine and Danny Green have renewed their life long rivalries this week. Mundine is in Perth, Greens home town and took a few shots at Green supporters and Danny Green himself in a Facebook rant. Danny Green returned the favour, however Mundine thought it was a racist response. I think it was taken a little out of context, however Green could have chosen a better choice of words which wouldn’t be confused with racist slang. Regardless of the latest Facebook argument, Green is 42 and Mundine is 40. Both will fight each other in a rematch in their last bout. To much money to be made as it will do close to do another $5-10 million in total revenue.

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