Tuesday, 9 June 2015

June News. Trout vs Mundine WBC Belt. Geale vs Mora. And Cotto On Peds? We Examine GGG De La Hoya Also.

Latest News.

     Austin Trout vs Anthony Mundine looks set to go for Mid August. Both camps are just waiting on a TV date to be released by the mighty Al Haymon. A follower asked today will this be for the full WBC title? Well there is a good chance. Mayweather has already requested an extension of 1 month with the WBO before he decides if his September farewell fight will be for the full title or if he will relinquish the belt. I assume he will make a decision on both the WBO and WBC at the same time which will be mid July. Potentially giving Trout vs Mundine, 6 weeks notice if this is for the full title. It should be, as it’s an intriguing match up.
     Daniel Geale seems on the way down, after two devastating knock out losses. Sergio Mora has been the first to hammer Geale’s performance which wasn’t great. I don’t mind Malignaggi doing this since Paulie always put all his effort in the ring. But I have seen some of Mora’s fights were he throws 10 punches a round. I would like to see Mora vs Geale in the future, regardless. I still think Geale would win at this point, even though he is on the decline.
     Is Cotto Juicing? Cotto is improving out of sight and once again the great boxing fans have started accusing Cotto of juicing. Well I have analyzed his bout with Austin Trout in 2012 comparing it with his fight with Geale. The difference isn’t in power or stamina or anything physical. Cotto has simply changed his game plan, from being a counter puncher to a front foot fighter with a much higher work rate. This extra work rate and aggressiveness is giving his power a bigger chance to hurt his opponents, which it’s successfully doing.
     Despite being told De La Hoya is back training. I assume the recent press releases are exactly that. A fight won’t eventuate between De La Hoya and GGG, but I’m sure GGG is grateful for the extra publicity this week from the Golden Boy.

     In other news Jermall Charlo has called Vanes Matirosyan a bum on twitter. This is after Vanes lost in a very close fight to Jermell, which I scored a draw. By calling Vanes a bum, Jermall is clearly also dissing his brother. Which is kinda embarrassing.

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