Thursday, 11 June 2015

Comparing Dan Rafael, Steve Farhood & Don Ackerman's Scorecards for Khan vs Algieri. Rematch?

Khan vs Algieri 

Dan Rafael (Expert) Steve Farhood (TV Scorer) Don Ackerman (Judge)
            R1    Khan  Khan  Khan 
            R2    Algieri Khan  Khan
            R3    Algieri Khan  Algieri
            R4    Algieri Algieri Algieri
            R5    Khan Algieri Algieri
            R6    Khan Khan  Khan
            R7    Khan Khan  Khan
           R8     Khan Algieri Algieri
           R9     Khan Khan Khan
           R10    Khan Khan Khan
           R11    Khan  Khan  Algieri
           R12    Algieri Algieri Khan 

These 3 boxing experts could only agree on 6 rounds. Now for the 6 agreed rounds, Khan was hurt in two of these rounds. With his legs buckling. Some scorers in pro boxing won't give a fighter a round if they are hurt, even if the rest of the round was competitive or if the hurt fighter slightly edges the remainder of the round, it would remain even. 

        - Despite Khan getting his legs buckled in round 1, all three boxing figures scored the round for Amir Khan. In round 8, Dan Rafael scored the round for Khan, despite the British fighter being rocked by an overhand right from Algieri.
The three boxing personalities could only agree on 6 out of the 12 rounds, showing how close this fight was.
After watching the fight a 2nd time. I am keen to see a rematch. The fight was entertaining and both fighters have a style that mixes well. It was action packed and a rematch would sell quite well, given the entertainment of this bout.

       - Algieri is being sold out here by the media. This fight was a lot closer than the scores suggest. Algieri fought extremely well and a score closer to a draw, with Khan likely winning by 1-2 rounds is a much better score in my opinion.

     This post is taking nothing away from Amir Khan. The win was a fantastic result for Khan. I have said time and time again Algieri has a huge frame and boiling down to 140 has restricted his performances in the past. I expect Algieri could end up fighting as high as Middleweight and given his frame his performances will get better as he moves up in weight. 147 still isn't Algieri's natural weight. What is more remarkable about Khan's performance is Algieri had a huge weight advantage on fight night, after the New Yorker had rehydrated. 


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