Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Broner vs Porter : What To Expect & Who Will Win?

Adrian Broner vs Shawn Porter : Fight Video Analysis & Prediction

Adrien Broner takes on Shawn Porter this weekend in Las Vegas, in a 144 Pound match up which is very intriguing. I am as excited for this match up as I have been for any fight over the past few weeks. Broner is a talent, regardless of how many people hate him and he’s also a big draw. Porter is a sensible, non-brash talking fighter who just likes to throw down. Porter is an old school fighter who will virtually take on any challenge put in front of him and he is a crude, aggressive fighter with some serious power. Broner on the other hand is a highly talented, straight punching magician who also has a tonne of heart, as you can see by the final rounds of the Maidana bout, which I thought he began to dominate.

Crucial Factors :

Porter has the power advantage. His wide loopy punches can cause a stoppage win, however it’s important to note, Broner has a good chin. And he’s resilient, so for Porter to win by knockout, he needs to land a lot of power punches, consistently.

Broner is a master boxer, he throws straight punches and his offense is impressive. I also think he has a better defense than Porter. Even though Broner’s defence is no where near as effective as Mayweather’s, the similar high shoulder roll, will most likely prove effective.

Both fighters have a good chin. I think Porter’s may be a little better, but Broner has resilience which makes up for it. As mentioned above, Porter needs to land something big early to force a stoppage, he also needs to knock Broner down consistently after that. Broner has the state of mind where he simply won’t quit. If Porter is to win by stoppage, the ref will have to call a halt to the fight or Broner’s corner will have to call off proceedings.

The weight favors Broner big time. The catch weight is nonsense once again, but both fighters have signed a contract which agrees to the 144 pound limit. Porter usually has a tough time making 147 and he has fought as high as Middleweight throughout his career. The 144 pound limit should drain him and I expect Porter to fade in the later rounds, a little more than normal. I expect Broner to win the last few rounds and close out the show with a competitive decision victory. 

This fight isn’t one you should miss, if you’re a boxing fan or a casual sports fan, this promises entertainment. Both fighters have a lot of heart and the talent in the ring is a very exciting prospect. The main question for me is will Porter be able to consistently hurt Broner? He has the power to do it, but landing consistently isn’t an easy task against Broner, Maidana had constant success, predominantly from a super aggressive and crude pressure style which Porter may struggle to replicate.

My head says Broner by UD. But Porter by stoppage wouldn’t shock me.

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