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Famous and Best Italian Boxers Of Current And Older Generations.

Famous and Best Italian Boxers Of Current And Older Generations.

Boxers With Italian Heritage

We get this question a lot. Which out of the current fighters of the modern era has Italian heritage? It’s an interesting question so we thought we would answer with a bit of information on well known fighters. A second list will be coming in the next few weeks which includes other past greats. 

Current Fighters:

Paulie Malignaggi. Both of Paulie Malignaggi’s parents were born in Sicily, Italy. Paulie lived several years in Italy as a child and often returns to Italy for    holidays. Paulie is fluent in Italian.

Joe Calzaghe. Joe’s father Enzo was born in Sardinia. Despite being born in Wales, Joe has a strong Italian heritage and he is also fluent in speaking Italian.

Lenny Zappavigna & Blake Caperllo are two Australian fighters with Italian heritage. Australia had large forms of migration from Italy from the 1930’s onwards.

Domenico Spada was born in Rome, Italy. He is relatively well known as a European level Middleweight and Super Middleweight.

Giacobbe Fragomeni is a former WBC Cruiserweight world champion who was born in Milan Italy.

Rocky Marciano. Both of Rocky Marciano’s parents were from Italy. Rocky’s father was from Ripa Teatina, in the Abruzzo region of Italy. His mother   was born in San Bartolomeo in Galdo, Campania. Both of Rocky's parents struggled to speak English and the family communicated in Italian.

Jake Lamotta was born to Italian immigrants. Originally Jake’s name was Giacobbe, however this was changed to ‘Jake’. 

Arturo Gatti was born in Cassino, Italy in 1972.  He then relocated and was raised in Montreal. He was known to speak Italian, Spanish, French & English fluently.
Current American fighters with Italian Heritage also include:

Chris Algieri
Peter Manfredo Jr
Lou Saverese

Legendary trainer Cus D’Amato’s parents were both Italian immigrants. The legendary trainer who’s real name is ‘Costantino’ identified the talent of Mike Tyson and trained him to be a world champion.

We will do a 2nd post in the near future adding info on greats we haven't included so far. 

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