Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shantel Jackson Just Made Mayweather vs Berto A Lot More Interesting

Mayweather vs Berto September 12th

A couple of things have happened recently which have made Mayweather and Berto bitter enemies. Berto is close with Mayweather’s ex, Shantel Jackson and many are stating that the two are actually dating. Now here comes the intense part, Berto is complaining that Floyd and his group are calling and harassing him. The phone calls include threats, naming fearful figures and also deep breathing on the other end of the phone. Despite a Mayweather vs Berto bout not generating huge interest from boxing fans, it definitely will now.

This backdrop is definitely making Floyd vs Berto on September 12th a lot more interesting. Since the two are enemies and actual stalking and harassment complaints are occurring the public will be instantly interested in this. If Berto is dating Jackson, which is rumored to be happening then Floyd is going to be a very angry man. He has a track record of these kind of things in the past and he’s obviously hurt about Jackson, it’s obvious he deeply loved her.

There’s not much more to write, other than things between Berto and Floyd are very intense at the moment. Criminal complaints could follow. Berto knows Floyd is behind the calls and he finds them a bit in mature, but they are definitely of a threatening nature.

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