Monday, 22 June 2015

What Was Broner Doing Today? Picture of Adrien Broner with a Gun in Mob Museum Las Vegas.

Analyzing What Adrien Broner Did Today? Crazy or Good Promotion?

Today Adrien Broner uploaded a picture of himself holding a gun on social media, (instagram/twitter and virtually everything). Everyone is reacting, it’s distasteful and everyone is complaining that it’s not a good look. So let me quickly analyze what has happened.

After suffering a widely one sided loss on the weekend to former Welterweight champion Shawn Porter, Broner has been checking out the sites in Las Vegas. He has been pictured with a dummy gun, which was only a replica. The ‘Mob Museum’ which Broner was at, allows customers to hold these as they are replica’s and common weapons used by the Italian mafia when they ran Las Vegas in previous decades.

So instead of being quiet and letting his stock and popularity drop, Broner is once again the talk of the entire sport. He has people from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico commenting on these latest photos. This is why he’s a draw, regardless if he is going to fail to live up to his promise of being the star of this generation (which looks likely).

So while some may say it’s distasteful, I tend to disagree. All he has done is hold up a replica gun, no crime has been committed and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of publicity about Broner has circulated. This helps him sell his next fight, his image is already that of a bad boy and brash person. But from a business perspective, more people will be tuning into his next fight and his loss to Porter is being quickly forgotten.

Let me know what you think? Please leave a comment below! Just to clarify It's obviously not a good look, but his image has always been that of a bad boy and it generates attention. 

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