Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nicholas Walters & Deontay Wilder Fail With The Viewers

Walters & Wilder Have Horrible Nights In The Ratings Department

Since the Mayweather vs Pacquiao mega fight, virtually every major fight after this has done amazing viewership numbers. Canelo, GGG & Cotto have all done magnificent viewership figures as of late, even Wladimir Klitschko did huge numbers on HBO.

On the Weekend That Trend Ended:

Nicholas Walters beat Marriaga by a UD. The fight was okay, but not breathtaking or brutal like the previous fights of the Jamaican’s have been. Now here comes the shocker. The fight did a peak audience of 588 000. Now what is even more shocking is that, the Verdejo decision victory over Najera, did a larger peak audience then the main event. Verdejo has a solid fan base, but he’s raw and his name isn’t well know yet. The final undercard bout doing larger numbers than the main event shows how much this card flopped in the ratings department.

The bigger flop was Wilder vs Molina. Now despite Molina being outmatched, Wilder was expected to bring in some solid numbers. He had parades funded by his promotion companies. He had a lot of publicity and Showtime even gave him an all access episode. Now if this wasn’t enough, he also got a lot of time on the ads in between the rounds for the PBC fights. Wilder was marketed very heavily, and even though he was outmatched, I’m sure the Showtime execs would have been expecting some solid numbers around the 800-900 K mark, considering his bout with Stiverne did 1.2 million. Now the average viewership figures for Wilder vs Molina was 678 000 viewers.

So despite a comprehensive marketing campaign for Wilder and despite the power puncher being the only American Heavyweight champion In a long time, his ratings flopped.

Now these numbers are weak and making them even more of a failure, is what I mentioned above. The mega fight of Mayweather vs Pacquiao has driven up viewership figures everywhere. And these two fights, yes they were competing, but also keep in mind the HBO main event started after Wilder had stopped Molina (so they weren’t exactly on at the same time).

Weekend = Failure for HBO And Showtime.

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