Sunday, 3 May 2015

Where Does Mayweather Live And Train In Vegas?

Floyd Mayweather Jr lives in Las Vegas. He is one of the largest contributors to the Las Vegas economy. Each time he fights, he brings in close to $1 billion for the city. This is huge considering Las Vegas is struggling somewhat due to the emergence of Macau, which has taken a lot of the large Asian investors away from the bright lights of Vegas.

Regardless of whether you like his persona or not, it’s important to remember his character which is exactly that generates a lot of publicity. He tries to make fans hate him. If they hate him or like him, they still watch his bouts, which leads to him earning money. As Floyd often says the idea of the character is to make fans like or hate him, both making him relevant.

Now with that extra injection of funds into the Vegas economy, Floyd is responsible for providing a lot of jobs and moneys for families who are in need. So I understand you may not like hearing his character called ‘Money’, who brags about how he is the best ever. But it’s important to understand the good he is doing to Nevada and the Las Vegas economy as a whole.

The Mayweather Boxing Gym which is run by several members of the All Time Great’s team, is located at 4020 Schiff Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States. The gym now has celebrity status in Vegas, due to Floyd becoming an all time great with several mega fight wins. No one has come close to beating the American in recent times, apart from Marcos Maidana who made things uncomfortable for the first 8 rounds.

If you are in Vegas. Go to the gym. You can train or watch your favourite fighters train. You will also most likely see famous boxing personalities.

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