Friday, 8 May 2015

What Is Mikey Garcia Worth Per Fight? $2 Million + According To Current Market Rate.

Mikey Garcia isn’t fighting at the moment. We know it’s due to pay disputes and promotional disputes. Some boxing experts are indicating that Mikey Garcia is being greedy, not fighting because he inaccurately feels he is worth more than what is being offered. This post is just about clearing up the logic and explaining how Mikey Garcia actually is worth $2million + per fight at the moment, going by current market rates.

Lets compare recent purses. 

Berto $800k, Lopez $450k, Porter $500k. All of these fighters have been coming off losses. Lopez has actually been coming off losses for around 15 years now, or so it seems. Porter never was a marquee name, he’s a great fighter, definitely elite but very green and doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of revenue. Now Berto does have a name, but he has lost nearly all of his big fights over the past 3 years and he’s acting as a gatekeeper.

Keep this in mind:

-       Mikey Garcia is undefeated.
-       He's marketable. Very professional.
-       He has a good name. He has already headlined several premium cable cards. 
-       Did I mention he has destroyed Salido, Lopez and Burgos in his most recent bouts?

Going by the recent purses. Mikey Garcia is definitely worth the $2 million + range for fights, going by current market rates. He is far more marketable than Andre Ward. And his fighting style is much more attractive for boxing and casual sports fans. 

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