Friday, 1 May 2015

What Does Marvin Hagler Do Now And Can He Speak Italian

Marvin Hagler moved to Italy after his boxing career and he became a movie star in the country. Marvin Hagler speaks Italian and English. He is a true legend of the Middleweight Division. Hagler has starred in many action moves in Italy. Hagler is intellectual and his boxing insights into current fighters and upcoming fights are intriguing.

Hagler provides fascinating insights into undefeated champions and what they can expect to go through when they have a loss. Once Hagler lost late in his career, he didn’t recover mentally for a long period of time. This was in part a major factor in why he re-located to Italy after his career had finished. Hagler also has explained that watching Soccer (Football) in Italian, was a key way in which he was able to learn the language.

Marvin Hagler is a great person to be around. He greets all fans and he is happy to talk about the current state of boxing and past fights. Fans always approach him even if they don’t speak the same language, but he is happy to acknowledge them. He is a professional icon who is a credit to his sport.

He has rare power which I have never seen before from a Middleweight.

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