Saturday, 2 May 2015

We Examine What Gennady Golovkin Is Worth. Net Worth and Future Finances

Gennady Golovkin is currently worth around $10 million.  Golovkins earning potential has risen sharply in recent years. He currently has thirteen knockout defences of his Middleweight title, quickly closing in on the all time record. He has dispatched a long list of contenders, including the elite Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray. Daniel Geale was also knocked out in three rounds to Golovkin.

Currently Golovkin is earning purses in the $1-$2 million range. This is sharply increasing as his popularity continues to rise quickly. He needs that one break out star before he becomes a huge PPV success. With a win over a Canelo or Cotto, Golovkin would become close to a $10 million per fight earner.

Despite his current net worth being around $10 million, you can expect that to multiply considerably in the coming years, as Gennady continues to make his way up the Pound for Pound List.

Some Key Points About Gennady:

-       He has fantastic power for a Middleweight. Not seen in a very long time.
-       He has excellent footwork.
-       He always wins by knockout.
-       He is very popular and very respectful. He has huge fans bases on the east coast and west coast of America. Combined with a major following in Europe and the countries of the Former Soviet Union.

The future is bright for Gennady. I am predicting he will eventually become the top Pound for Pound fighter in the sport over the coming years.

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