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The Most Fascinating Facts And Insights into Big George Foreman

Big George Foreman : The Personality And The Fighter. 

George Foreman is a living legend of boxing. He has won the Heavyweight title of the world twice, three decades apart. Foreman first began champion in 1973 after he destroyed Joe Frazier in two rounds. In 1994, (21 years later) Foreman knocked out Michael Moorer to win the Heavyweight championship of the world again. Foreman was a shadow of his prime version, however his amazing power was still relevant.

This post will explain some fascinating insights into the mind of George Foreman. He is one of the most intriguing characters I have ever covered in the sport.

Here Are Some interesting Facts about Big George Foreman:

All of George Foreman’s kids are named ‘George’.   

He didn’t lift weights on a regular basis. He was 6 foot 3 inches tall, but had natural strength, which rivaled that of Iron Mike.

Foreman actually squandered most of his finances as his career was coming to an end. He then had his name associated with the grill which became famous. 

This grill has gone global and has been an amazing success. So now Foreman has a net worth of in excess of $200 million.

George Foreman’s fighting weight was 118KG. Considering he had no fat on  him and was all muscle. This indicates how strong Foreman was. At 6 foot 3 inches he wasn’t necessarily tall for a Heavyweight. But his natural strength and power played a big part in his development into an all time great of the sport.

If only we had a version of this all time great fighting in todays Heavyweight scene. His power and ferociousness will never be forgotten. Foreman has been known over the years to leave major dents in heavy bags while training, which remain there for nearly 30 minutes. Ali refused to watch this despite training in the same gym as George was, in the lead up for their fight, which was billed as one of the most important in the sports history.

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