Monday, 4 May 2015

The Edwin Valero Horror Story. How A Potential Great Fell To Disaster

Edwin Valero & What Could Have Been. 

The Edwin Valero story is a horror story. Not just for those that were affected by his actions, but also for all boxing fans who were robbed of seeing a potential all time great develop. The Valero story is one of crime, horror and wasted talent. All elements in this story are sad and they leave me to think, what If all those events hadn’t occurred and he could focus on his boxing career? Let me go into detail about what I witnessed watching him fight.

Romours were rife that Valero was handling world champions and former world champions in the gym, sparring, very early on in his career. So much so his reputation grew and some boxing fans attended gyms just to watch him spar. Essentially those people were shocked with what they saw, a raw fighter who had power well beyond his experience. His power shocked me, his footwork did to and his general ability to take punishment and not get hurt at all. His early bouts were easy to watch on the eye. As he stepped up in competition the normal thing to happen is for the fights to get more even. However they became more one sided. Valero took longer to finish his opponents, but they were one sided beat downs before his opponents quick or were knocked out, which happened in every one of his fights.

We all know the story of what happened. He lost his way and did some very bad things. He hurt those close to him and the boxing world lost a potential all time great. From what I saw of Edwin Valero I think by now, 2015 he would have been the biggest star in the sport. I assume by now he would have been a pay per view fighter.

It seems that narcotics took their toll on Valero and he self destructed. I don’t want to mention the bad things that occurred, as they have been well documented and I would rather not focus on them. But it’s worth remembering just how big this potential star could have been. His fighting style was the most aggressive style I have ever seen. He could punch from unusual angles and he had serious power in both hands.

We can only think about what could have been…..

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