Friday, 1 May 2015

Takashi Miura KO’s Billy Dib In the 3rd Round. Billy Dib Fails To Win World Title.

Tonight Takashi Miura dominated and brutally knocked out Billy Dib to retain his title. Billy Dib once again tried valiantly and he comes up short, in what will likely be the last chance he has to win a world title. Dib travelled to hostile territory in Japan, with the odds stacked against him and Miura proved he is the real deal with a brutal power blitz knocking Dib unconscious in the third round. Dib was clearly knocked out by a left and as he was going down he was caught by two more punches.

Dib didn’t keep his hands up. But I respect his efforts to once again challenge a world champion. I will illustrate a few facts about Dib and Miura which should be recognized after I watched this fight.

Billy Dib:
- Billy was highly competitive in the first two rounds. I gave him the first round and I gave Miura the second round. Unfortunately Dib needs a new corner. In all his world title fights he has been somewhat competitive. He just doesn’t keep his hands up and a decent corner would have helped him with this advice.

- I respect a man who doesn’t have power but he still commits and puts it all on the line in elite level fights. Similar to Dib, I have great respect for Paulie Malignaggi.

- Dib’s career was hammered from the start. De La Hoya & Mosley & GBP put him on a pedestal which brought excessive pressure.

- Dib is highly professional and a great Australian fighter. I really hope he pulls through and wins a world title. He is a great person.
As for Miura:

- Get him on US television ASAP.

- Despite being rather limited, he is very very powerful. That left hand he throws could put a lot of elite fighters out in seconds.

- Time to Unify.

It was great seeing this fight on free to air television in Australia. But realistically, channel nine should have spent big and brought the Mundine vs Trout bout. Mundine seems focused and I have him winning an upset in my tips.

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