Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Styles Make Fights and Shane Mosley vs Kell Brook Is A Fun Fight

Shane Mosley vs Kell Brook. 

Shane Mosley is unofficially retired but he is keeping himself in fantastic shape at the moment. As we all know styles make fights and I have a great feeling that a Mosley vs Brook battle would be fun to watch. It will be interesting to see how Brook handles Mosley’s power.  

It’s also worth noting Mosley is still a fun fighter to watch who can bring the best out of the current champions, he is a cagey veteran with impressive power. Don’t detract too much from the Mundine defeat. Mundine is a very under rated fighter and he is way to big for Mosley. Add to that Shane did develop back spasms throughout the fight, which essentially restricts all movement in the upper body.

Kell Brook is looking to develop his name and reputation in front of the American audience. Shane Mosley has that name and he is widely known amongst boxing fans and casual sports fans.

I think this could turn out to be a really fun fight to watch. Mosley has a great chance to rock Brook and potentially force a stoppage early on in the fight, if he gets through a training camp without an injury. Let’s not forget Mosley two fights ago beat Cano in Mexico and in his bout against Canelo, I scored rounds 11 and 12 for Shane. He still has a lot left. A match up with Kell Brook would be a fantastic fight.

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