Friday, 22 May 2015

Rocky Marciano Documentaries: My Ratings

You are probably searching ‘Rocky Marciano Documentary Videos To Watch Online’. Well the problem is when you are looking for boxing documentaries, you come across videos which are either fantastic or very poor. There isn’t much middle ground. Rocky Marciano was one of my hero as a fighter. His strength, attitude and class is something I have always looked up to. I have watched most documentaries on his life and I will do a quick analysis of what I feel are the best ones. It’s obvious to me two stand out. It depends on how much time you have spare to watch the documentary as one goes for 45 minutes and the other documentary goes for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

HBO Boxings Best : This documentary of Rocky Marciano is fantastic. It’s no surprise as everything HBO does is completed with class. The only concern I have with this is the documentary has little footage on Marciano’s actual bouts. It does go into his family history and gets interviews from friends that grew up with Marciano.  

The ESPN documentary is a similar style documentary which focuses on Marciano’s life and shows brief moments of his most famous bouts. The ESPN documentary does have some awesome features, such as interviews from fellow boxing legends on the great Rocky.

Undefeated : This documentary of Marciano is amazing in detail. It goes for over two hours, however it takes the total opposite approach of the other documentaries. ‘Undefeated’ focuses on showing large amounts of footage from actual bouts which occurred.

Some other cool videos on Marciano to watch involve interviews he has done to cover fights after his career ended. I recently watched an interview Marciano did on the upcoming Ali. Rocky speaks like an intellectual and it’s cool to see how respectful he was and how well respected he was by those around him. It may have been a very long time ago that all this occurred, but the footage is awesome for fans.

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