Friday, 1 May 2015

Prices Dropping Ahead of The Mega Fight With Ticket Delays Causing The Decrease

As expected the all round ticket prices for the mega fight this week have now dropped substantially. Hotel rooms in Las Vegas have also decreased dramatically. The MGM was looking at having basic rooms priced at $1500 for the fight night originally, however this has dropped to just $250 and it’s expected to fall further. This is lost revenue for the mega fight and could seriously affect the overall total gate, which was originally targeted to be around $72 million. It could now be much less.

Some Important Points To Remember For Future Mega Fights:

Make sure ticket prices and ticket allocations and all other ticket logistics are already organized in the contracts, which are to be signed.

Despite this fight being anticipated for so long, we need to remember there is only so much money that can be charged for tickets and rooms. The rest is just greed. Boxing fans should have been given the opportunity to watch the fight at reasonable prices.

This event will be huge. The world has already stopped. We are seeing lead stories on CNN. 

The impact has been huge. But in my opinion this could have been done in a much more professional way which looked after the needs of all boxing fans. Something that seems to have been ignored in a big way.

While the rich get richer, it’s also important to remember that the sport is where it currently is due to it’s fans.

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